Movies: A Look at the Top 5 Adam Sandler Flicks

Adam Sandler put on a great performance on Saturday Night Live last month. His heartfelt song about Chris Farley was something I did not expect but was heartfelt and well done. Seeing this song, he’s one of the few comedians that can do drama and comedy which reflects in his filmography.

I can’t think of another comedian who has been in as many good movies as bad movies. Ranking them is very subjective without there being a flat-out best movie. He’s an example that you shouldn’t follow what rotten tomatoes says about his movies. 50 first dates (45%), Reign Over Me (64%) and The Wedding Singer (68%) are all good movies, yet aren’t “certified fresh”. Yet his highest rated movie is a Netflix movie (The Meyerowitz Stories) at 93%. He’s had a movie that delivers a message in some form or fashion.

5. Punch Drunk Love

No matter what list you put together, you have to put this movie on there. It really shows his acting range, was nominated for a golden globe, and this was put in the criterion collection.

4. Funny People

This movie balances funny and sad. I also liked it because it was early in Seth Rogan’s career and it almost felt like a passing of the torch from comedian to comedian.

3. Click

I’ll admit I’m biased on this one because I like the way they did the Scrooge/time travel story and all the good actors they had in place as well (Kate Beckinsale, Sean Astin, and Christopher Walken) made the movie good in my opinion.

2. Happy Gilmore

Even if you’re not a hockey or golf fan like myself, it’s a funny concept of how this movie puts them together. It also has one of the all-time funniest moments with the exchange between Bob Barker and Sandler’s character.

1. Billy Madison

The plot holds up to today with rich kids getting by with no real schooling and the comedic moments Sandler has with the kids is timeless as well.

Do you agree with the Adam Sandler list? Most likely not. Leave a comment as to what movie should be added or removed.

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