Carmelo Anthony: Not Done Yet, 2019 Possible Destinations

Carmelo Anthony isn’t done yet and still, has a few years left in his career. 2019 could be the year he finds a new NBA team and earns another contract. Carmelo Anthony could easily contribute to a team’s scoring and help a team make the NBA playoffs. In Carmelo Anthony’s career since 2003, he’s averaged 24 points a game and there are definitely some NBA teams that could use those points to win games. With all kinds of possible teams, he could end up on, let’s take a look at some destinations I think Carmelo Anthony could land at.


Brooklyn Nets

Carmelo Anthony could fit well in Brooklyn and help the Nets in the scoring category in 2019. Between the Brooklyn Nets, top six scorers combined they averaged a total of 86 to 87 points a game in 2018. Carmelo Anthony could add at least an additional 13 to 25 points a game if the Nets were to add him to the roster. If he’s on the team that brings the total points to the 99-112 range. That would help the Brooklyn Nets bring in a few more wins in 2019. I’m thinking about an increase from 42 wins to about 45-49 wins with Carmelo Anthony.

If Brooklyn adds another player like Kyrie Irving or Kevin Durant, the scoring would be higher and so would the wins. A combination of D’Angelo Russell, Carmelo Anthony, and Kyrie Irving or Kevin Durant would raise their wins to possibly 50-54 wins. A team like that could be #3 in the Eastern Conference, but Carmelo Anthony is a key acquisition for the Brooklyn Nets to improve on the 2018 NBA season.

New York Knicks

A reunion with the New York Knicks is possible for Carmelo Anthony in 2019. The Knicks don’t have many positive things on the team, but maybe bringing back a familiar face could bring success. Carmelo Anthony had some good seasons with New York and could contribute a lot on the court. He could also be a leader on the team as well. If the New York Knicks were to sign Carmelo, that could also recruit other free agents to the team.

Possible good players to pair with Carmelo include Kevin Durant or Jeremy Lin former New York Knicks point guard. Also, the Knicks have a high pick in the 2019 NBA Draft and getting a player that’s a top prospect could be the young piece the team needs with the other players listed. A possible few players in the 2019 New York Knicks lineup could be Carmelo Anthony, Jeremy Lin, Kevin Durant, and NBA prospect RJ Barrett out of Duke. Carmelo Anthony could be the New York Knicks player they need to rebuild the franchise.


Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are the favorite to land every NBA free agent every offseason. In the 2019 NBA Free Agency, the Los Angeles Lakers are the frontrunners to land Kawhi Leonard, Kyrie Irving, Anthony Davis, and even Kevin Durant. I personally think they could only land someone like Chris Paul or Carmelo Anthony. Adding two players like this would add to the experience on the Lakers team already on it with Lebron James and Rajon Rondo. These four players would help the young Los Angeles Lakers core of Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma. The Lakers could possibly pursue Carmelo in free agency and Los Angeles could be a destination for him next season.

Carmelo Anthony is looking to continue his career and show he can still produce. The team that chooses to take a chance on him may not regret it. He could definitely help a team in scoring and help improve a team’s wins. I think an organization would be stupid to not give him a chance in 2019. Carmelo Anthony and his career are not done just yet.
Personal Prediction: The Brooklyn Nets

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