Los Angeles Lakers: A Bradley Beal Trade is Just What the Doctor Ordered

The Los Angeles Lakers need to get All-Star players to help LeBron James and by trading for Washington Wizards’ guard Bradley Beal, LA should be cooking with fire in more ways than one.

In a deal for Beal, LA wouldn’t have to give up their entire young core and so they could then proceed by making more effective trades. It beats just sending all of their young players to New Orleans for Anthony Davis, especially when it doesn’t look like a big name like Kevin Durant or Kawhi Leonard would consider Lakerland.

Beal adds plenty of experience to a young Lakers squad that is starving for the playoffs.

Beal would also benefit from playing next to James and it would be clear that he would get a vast majority of the touches outside.

The Lakers need a breath of fresh air after missing the playoffs for the sixth straight year, witnessing James go down with an injury, seeing Magic Johnson quit, hearing a bunch of stories on how poorly run their franchise is and feeling the need to hire Frank Vogel as their new head coach, plus Jason Kidd as his assistant.

Beal would give LA another All-Star and an outside threat, which could attract a star in free agency.

There are two really beneficial sequences that could take place.

A) Lakers ship the No. 4 overall pick in the 2019 draft and let’s say Lonzo Ball or maybe Brandon Ingram for Beal.

Then, LA signs Jimmy Butler or Kemba Walker.

B) LA acquires Beal but decides to trade Kyle Kuzma, Josh Hart and either Ingram or Ball for Anthony Davis.

Those are pretty much the two best scenarios for the Lakers this offseason.

Trading for Bradley Beal can calm down the nasty storm of distractions that have surrounded the Lakers recently. It would also recreate the buzz we had about the Lakers just a year ago — one filled with a high amount of optimism for the future.

How would you feel if the Los Angeles Lakers made a move for Bradley Beal? Leave a comment below.

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