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I’m sure not a single metalhead will ever tell you they haven’t listened to more than a few tracks by the Godfather of Heavy Metal himself, Ozzy Osbourne. The Prince of Darkness’s presence in the metal scene is undeniable. While biting the heads off winged animals is pretty metal by itself, the Ozzman has also given us a large catalog of metal tracks to rock out to as well. Heavy metal is my favorite sub-genre of rock. Primarily, I’m a hip-hop head, but I do have a heavy appreciation for metal. So, for this list, I want to explore my top 5 favorite Ozzy Osbourne songs.

5. I Don’t Know (1980)

If there was ever a song title so synonymous with Ozzy’s career… Fitting that it’s the first track on his first album, Blizzard of Ozz. I don’t know what it is about guitar riffs that sound like it’s climbing in tone before it cuts and resets, but this song’s got it and it feels really good on my ears. It might have something to do with my affinity for hip-hop beats that have well chopped and looped samples. This has the same kind of quality to it. The soft breakdown in the middle of the song is also a killer as well. It also earns bonus points for doubling as a joke when your friend asks you what do you want to listen to on that long road trip.

4. Crazy Train (1980)

I suppose it would be criminal if this song wasn’t on this list. Overall, I prefer Ozzy’s more haunting and foreboding feeling tracks, but similar to I Don’t Know this song has that same kind of cut and chopped sort of quality about the guitar riff that my ears like so much. This song just does it a bit better. And we can’t forget about the song’s absolutely iconic intro. The scream of “All aboard!” from Ozzy that sounds like it could also be the horn of the train itself bellowing followed by that signature echoing laugh. I imagine when people first heard this cut on their vinyl LP’s back in 1980, they instantly knew they were listening to something special.

3. Shot in the Dark (1986)

Despite the controversy surrounding the true authorship of this track, the final product is pretty kick-ass. The thing I appreciate the most about it is its simplicity while also being complex at the same time. There’s just something that feels honest about it, which I suppose is weird to say given the song’s background. As much as I love Crazy Train, I just prefer the somber tone of this song over the more bombastic nature of Crazy Train. Also, the hook of this cut is really good. It really puts the whole paranoid theme the song conveys together well while still having that sing-along quality to it.

2. Diary of a Madman (1981)

The title track from Ozzy’s 1981 album. The first time I heard this cut was on the licensed soundtrack of the video game Brutal Legend. A down-right classic in every sense of the word, the Ozzman pulled out all the haunting stops on this one. To this day, when the track starts and ends, it still gives me goosebumps. The guitar riff, the bridge, Ozzy’s vocals, everything compliments each other very well in this brilliantly evocative song. A song of this magnitude can never really be recreated. This is Ozzy at his most atmospheric and foreboding.

1. Thunder Underground (1995)

Possibly the heaviest song on this list, I love the absolutely sludgy nature of this track. I couldn’t tell you what this song is about, but when that guitar hits me like a truck, I stop caring and just start headbanging. Off the album that has to have one of the best play-on-words an album title ever could have Ozzmosis, this song was the Ozzy song I had on repeat for days. The heavy guitar riff and the thunderous drums always keep me humming along when I’m not killing my lungs trying to do my best Ozzy impression. If I had to pick one Ozzy song to listen to for the rest of my life, it would no doubt be this one.

What are some of your favorite Ozzy Osbourne songs? Leave your comments below!

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