Golf: The Importance of a Caddie

As a golfer I get the question a lot why do professional golfers have caddies? Golf, as we all know, is an individual sport. I have been personally playing since the age of 5. It has been fun at times and not so much fun. I will never be a pro golfer, however, I find the player/caddie relationship to be a very important one. A professional golfer has to trust his or her bag handler more than anyone. He or she is there to help the player with all aspects of the game whether it’s going good or bad.


I have watched many golf tournaments on TV and attend a few in person. The interaction between their caddies is second to none. The caddie is there to study the course and be prepared for what the course gives the player. In a way, the player/caddie are in a chess match with the golf course. They are there to help with wind changes and yardage. The bagger is also there every once in a while to help protect the golfer.

In some cases, the player/caddie don’t see eye to eye. This can cause some tension. Most of the time that doesn’t occur and most players/caddies are there for many years. The ones that have more experience are the ones who are looked at when a player decides it time to make a change. In the world of business, a CEO has a secretary that he or she trusts more than anything. The same goes for a club carrier. The caddie also travels everywhere with the player even during practice time.

With the upcoming US Open, it will be important for the player/caddie relationship to be good. When a player wins the first person the player celebrates with is his or her caddie. After the Masters Tiger Woods turn to his caddie and said: “We did it”. His caddie said yes we did and gave him a big hug. This relationship is vital to player success. If a player can’t find a caddie that fits it might be the player fault. Most of the bag handlers on the different tours are easy to get along with.

Do you agree is the player/caddie relationship important? Leave a comment below.
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