Toronto Raptors: Kawhi Leonard is One and Done in Toronto

With the NBA Finals getting plenty of attention, more and more speculation surrounds the Toronto Raptors’ star forward Kawhi Leonard, especially since it looks like he will leave in free agency this summer.

It would be interesting if Toronto stopped Golden State from winning its third consecutive title, but whether they do or don’t isn’t the story. The story is how can the Raptors make it tough for Leonard to depart for a more glamorous city like Los Angeles or New York.

I can’t imagine Leonard staying in Toronto, because he would be at risk of being forgotten.

Sometimes I forget that Tracy McGrady, Vince Carter and Marcus Camby were in Canada during their careers.

Kawhi Leonard should want to be recognized for what he brings to the table and even though the Raptors have been a good franchise over several seasons now, it would make sense for Kawhi to go elsewhere.

Both LA teams would give Leonard the spotlight he deserves and more resources to work with.

Imagine if he won the Finals this year and knocked off the Warriors in the process? His value could surpass Kevin Durant, especially since the W’s are winning without him this postseason.

Kawhi could go to LA and dawn the purple and gold, showcase his legacy to fans that are longing for more titles and eventually take over the Lakers franchise.

I think the Lakers could be enticing to Kawhi. Just because they might be willing to spend more money than the Clippers. Also, it would feel better to wear a Lakers’ jersey compared to a Clips’ jersey.

It’s not clear exactly where Leonard will wind up, but Toronto was not his preferred destination.

This was a trial season for Kawhi and he passed all the tests. Yeah, he missed time due to injury, but he was clutch and was outstanding the playoffs.

The Raptors exceeded expectations and there was no drama between Kawhi Leonard and his teammates. He did what it took for his team to be in a great situation. He also protected his brand in the process.

Now it’s time for him to cash in, exercise his freedom, and go where he wanted to go all along.

How would you feel if Kawhi Leonard is one and done with the Toronto Raptors? Leave a comment below.

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