NBA: Top Five All-time Great Dynasties

We are currently witnessing a good, if not the best NBA dynasty of all-time in the Golden State Warriors. They are going to their fifth finals and have won three of those. So who are the best dynasties of all-time? I consider a dynasty being a team that wins at least three championships in a four-year span. However, many consider the Spurs a dynasty having won 3 championships in a seven-year span. There’s really no criteria for what a dynasty is. Even if there were a clear cut definition of a dynasty, it’s still hard to rank them because of the styles of play that differ from generation to generation. So in no particular order here are what I think are the best dynasties of all-time.


Boston Celtics (57-69)

The Boston Celtics of the 60s were probably the most dominant of the legacies on this list. Winning eleven championships in this span, they brought upon the saying of “defense wins championships” because the team was anchored by arguably the best defender of all-time in Bill Russell.

Los Angeles Lakers (80-89)

The “Showtime Lakers” as they were called made the fast break look easy. They won five NBA Finals by having the first big man PG, Magic Johnson at 6’9” and also having the all-time leading scorer in Kareem Abdul-Jabbar which is a nice recipe for a dynasty, to say the least.

Boston Celtics (81-87)

Winning three out five finals and essentially trading championship bouts between the Lakers, we’ll probably never see dynasties overlap like this again. We’re spoiled today by the seven footers that can shoot but at 6’9”, I would say Larry Bird paved the way for big man shooters.

Chicago Bulls (91-98)

Winning six championships in eight seasons is quite the dynasty. Most would probably say this is the best dynasty of all since they arguably have the best player of all-time in Michael Jordan and consider this the golden era of basketball since

Los Angeles Lakers (00-04)

I would probably put the current Warriors ahead of this Laker run. However, it’s better to hold off and see how the Warriors end their run. They won three straight finals and the core team lost one later before calling it quits and breaking up. It’s a shame too, I’m a firm believer that they could have won many more had Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal gotten along.

Do you agree with the list? Leave a comment on who should be off or added to list.

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