Sports: Enough With Revisionist History and “What If” Championships

Oftentimes as sports fans we sit and wonder what could’ve been. Especially when our team is doing horrible. So we look to history. Maybe if you’re a Los Angeles Chargers fan you look back and think, maybe if Eli Manning stayed with us back in the draft we would’ve won two Championships as the New York Giants did. Or if you’re a Cleveland Browns fan, you sit and wonder what could have been for a lot of different situations. It’s very easy to fall into these traps, especially if you’re looking for hope. The thing with a lot of these “what if” championships are that that’s all they are, pointless questions.


To think that certain players would reach the same results in different places is, (in my Spock voice) highly illogical. Why? Our experiences as humans make up who we are. We have influences that get put into our lives that drive us one way or another that we don’t see coming. A lot of the time it’s the coaches that are hardest on us that get the most out of us. Just because a player changes a jersey in the past, does not, in fact, mean that the future for that player will be the exact same. A lot of times with success in sports it is more than just the physical skill that gets a lot of our favorite champions to new heights. It’s their experiences and the people around them.

When a player is successful, more often than not it means they landed in a spot that perfectly compliments their skillset and their will to win. As well as granting access to people who will mold them into more than they could ever imagine.

Also, championships are a team accomplishment. Not a single person in team sports. Rings are an extremely useless stat when comparing players because it’s a matter of “right place, right time”. Joe Flacco is not better than Philip Rivers because he has a ring. It doesn’t work that way.

So next time you think about “draft misses” remember that the player your team missed on may have been a humongous bust in your system. So be grateful.

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