St. Louis Blues: Jaden Schwartz Not Quite a Star

The St. Louis Blues are moving on to the Stanley Cup Finals. Waiting for them is the Boston Bruins. In fact, the Blues have to be a surprise this year after how the season started for them. The team was riddled with injuries. The Blues also made a coaching change early in the season. They dismissed Mike Yeo and replaced him with Craig Berube. One of the players that have stood out in the playoffs for the Blues has been Jaden Schwartz.


The question asked of me was is Jaden Schwartz a star in the making? Although he has been a good play in the playoffs. Schwartz isn’t a star in the making. I would call him a good veteran player. Most of the time the players that most coaches asked to step up is the veteran ones. This helps show the rookies how to win during playoff time.

Schwartz only had 36 points during the regular season. He had 11 goals and 25 assists. Now I am not saying that he wasn’t important to the Blues. When a play can contribute whether big or small it helps the team. Like I said earlier he has been big in the playoffs for the Blues. During the playoffs, he has 16 points. Schwartz has 12 goals and 4 assists. However, out of those 12 goals two of them have come on the power play.

If the Blues can win tonight they will head to the finals. Schwartz will have a big part of it whether he scores tonight or not. The Blues, as a team, is heading in the right direction. They should use the home crowd to their advantage even though they have been a good road team. Schwartz is a veteran star for the Blues and Berube will lean on him moving forward. Let see if the Blues can win game 6 or can they win in game 7 in San Jose.

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