SEC Football, God’s Country, and Why It Means More

They say the south and the southern states in America is God’s Country. Maybe it’s because of the heavenly food or maybe it’s because of the number of churches in each town of the states below the Bible Belt. It could be the beautiful scenery or sights in the south including the amazing campuses of colleges in the Southeastern Conference (SEC). From College Station, Texas A&M to Columbia, South Carolina the beautiful towns and scenery make the argument on why this is God’s Country.



SEC Football is also a thing of beauty as well. Maybe that’s the reason teams in the SEC like Alabama and Georgia are always winning. They may possibly have the man upstairs on their side. In reality, though SEC Football is good because teams like Alabama, Georgia, Texas A&M, and Florida are consistently winning no matter what. The SEC, as a whole, recruits very well and lands the top high school players in the country every year.

As a result of great recruiting, the SEC has teams from the top of the conference to the bottom representing the SEC in bowl games. In a majority of those bowl games, the SEC is winning those games against the other conferences like the ACC, Big 10, Big 12, and Pac 12. Alabama the leading program in the SEC is always in the National Championship or winning the title. Since 2009, the Alabama Crimson Tide has been in the championship game seven times and won the title five times. To the Alabama program and the SEC conference, football just means more to them.

It’s the main focus 24/7 and 365 days a year, to be the best at college football. In the SEC, everything is criticized from the day the season ends to spring practice to the spring game. From that to summer works to August practices to each game and every week leading up to them. Even by weeks are under the magnifying glass in the SEC and each week is watched with criticism till the season ends again. It just means more doesn’t stop at players, coaches, staff, boosters, and alumni. It also includes fans in each town and across each state that each SEC team resides.

God’s Country

For instance, growing up in Alabama, it just means more comes to a whole new meaning when stores close down on Saturday for the Crimson Tide’s football game. The only store you will find open is a Wal-Mart and even then it might be empty of half the shoppers for a few hours. If it is Iron Bowl Saturday in Alabama, however, that Wal-Mart will be completely empty of customers and all that’s left in there is employees for a few hours. However, in the SEC, football really just means more from the players to babies born in the south. God’s Country here in the south and SEC Football just go perfect together. They go together like sweet tea, pecan pie, and some Dixieland Delight.

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