San Francisco Giants: The Good, Bad, and Ugly at the Quarter Mark

The MLB and San Francisco Giants fans didn’t expect much from the 2019 team and as we hit the quarter mark of the season, low expectations are showing big time. The Giants are (17-24), last in the NL West, and 9.5 games out of first. In April, it was all about the San Francisco offense struggling to get going. The team would either waste good pitching performances by barely scoring anything or they would score late in the game for a comeback win, or brutal loss.

Something exciting about this team in the first month was the defense and outstanding bullpen. The Giants have one of the best bullpens in the game and at least that part of the roster is doing their job well. As we are halfway through May, the orange and black have decided to give up 3-5 runs in the first inning, every other game. It’s one thing to have a bad offense that can’t score until late in the game, but to always be chasing the game is going to be a recipe for disaster. Now for the good, the bad, and the ugly with these Giants.


The Good

The defense and bullpen have been fun to watch. Kevin Pillar has shown off his superman abilities in the outfield and has had timely hitting, even though that batting average is scary. In the bullpen, newcomers Nick Vincent and Trevor Gott have been a shot in the arm for this team.

The Bad

The inconsistent starting pitching. Only Madison Bumgarner and Dereck Rodríguez have strung together a few quality starts in a row, but even they have been leaking oil lately. Also, Madbum might need to be traded soon for some quality bats. The home run ball and mistake to locations right as the game is starting has doomed this team so far in May and they need to get it together soon, or it will be an even longer season.

The Ugly

The horrid offense. Pablo Sandoval has actually looked like his 2010 self this season and he is carrying the Giants at times. Whether it’s pinch-hitting, getting that big hit, or pitching out of the bullpen again, the Panda is showing his moves. Also, Steven Duggar has been streaky with the bat and great with the glove. Other than that, the old veterans of the even year dynasty just aren’t cutting it right now. Buster Posey, Brandon Crawford, and Brandon Belt are having another down year with the bats and it may be time to get back on the Belt debate of trading him or not. This offense loves to wake up late in games or not at all. With no firepower in the middle of the lineup, it can be tough to watch at times.


Bullpen: A

Defense: A

Starting Pitching: C

Offense: D (Since the team shows fight every now and then, they won’t get an F)

How do you feel about the San Francisco Giants through this point of the season? Leave a comment below.

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