Boston Bruins: Turned the Carolina Hurricanes Dominance Against Them

The Eastern Conference finals have been dominated by the Boston Bruins. They have shown why they are one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference and NHL. In the first two games, they scored 11 goals.  Game one down 2-1, they scored 4 third period goals. In game 2 they scored 2 goals in every period. However, the only game that was close in game three where the Bruins only scored 2 goals. The Carolinas Hurricanes dominance from the previous series has not shown and will not slow down the Bruins.

The Bruins need a series like this as their previous ones went 6 games in round 1 and 7 games in round 2. If they can close out the Hurricanes this evening they would have time to rest. The Bruins are the best team of who remains. In fact, dominance is on the side of Bruins, not the Hurricanes. The Hurricanes dominated the Islanders in round 2. So far other than game 3 they have looked lost.

Now they have to the near-improbable and win 4 games in a row. They would have to use the home crowd this evening. The Bruins indeed smell blood and are looking to claim the East. The Hurricanes will have to find what got them through the last series if they have any hope at all. They will have to do one thing that they have been unable to do so far and that keeps the Bruins off the scoreboard. Therefore, head coach Rod Brind’Amour is going to have to change somethings up and focus on game 4.

The Bruins will not be slowed down. So far there have been only three periods in the three games that they haven’t scored a goal in. Thus the reason the Hurricanes are in trouble. They have been unable to hinder or hurt the Bruins in any way. The Bruins will most likely win tonight and move on to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Will the Boston Bruins close out the Carolina Hurricanes? Leave a comment below.
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