Tampa Bay Rays: Time for the Team to Sign Craig Kimbrel

There are two big pitching free agents still available. Those two are Dallas Keuchel and Craig Kimbrel. One of the teams that are interested in both of them is the Tampa Bay Rays. There is a case for both. Indeed, Keuchel would help why top Rays pitcher Tyler Glasnow is on the injured list. However, the Rays could always use closer and Kimbrel could help them in that case.


We know that every team wants to slam the door shut. In saying that, every team needs a closer that can be trusted. One that comes in and emphatically closes the door on the other team from making a comeback. For instance, Kimbrel was part of the World Champion Boston Red Sox a year ago. The Red Sox absolutely leaned on him in many games to help them win it all. Kimbrel could help a hot Rays team. Here is a team that started using its bullpen to start games. In the beginning, we all thought this was a train wreck. Nonetheless, it has worked.

Moves that Could be Made

If the Tampa Bay Rays could get Kimbrel here he would sure up the back end of the bullpen. Therefore, possibly moving current closer Diego Castillo to an 8th inning role. That would work great to have two closers pitching back to back innings. In the games that are close, the Rays could get these guys to pitch and score the winning run. Maybe would see their first walk-off win of the year.

Is Money an Issue?

The only thing that might be stopping the Rays in their payroll. Kimbrel will come with a big price tag. Now the good news is that the Rays are no were close to the luxury tax problem. They are a good team with not a high overall team salary. If Kimbrel will agree to a 1-year prove it deal it would be great. However, we will have to see what the Rays are going to do with Kimbrel and Keuchel.

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