PGA: Brandel Chamblee’s Comments Might Motivate Brooks Koepka

So as we head into the PGA Championship this week there is some controversy. Earlier last week Golf Channel analysist Brandel Chamblee said that he believes “Brooks Koepka is not in the same class as Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy, and Tiger Woods”. Chamblee is a well-known analyst that does his homework. He goes off stats to say what he says. This may have all started with a tweet that his golf instructor sent him. The tweet showed a picture of Chamblee with a red clown nose. Maybe Koepka’s golf instructor thinks that Chamblee comments are clownish.


Koepka doesn’t need any added motivation heading into this week. He finished tied for 2nd at the Masters last month. He has won the U.S. Open in back to back to years. If he can win this week he would win back to back PGA Championships. At the moment is better than the players that Chamblee mentioned. Koepka has 5 tour wins but three of those are majors. Dustin Johnson has 20 wins and only 1 major which career would you rather have I would say Koepka’s.

McIlroy hasn’t won a major since 2014 and just needs the Masters to complete the career grand slam. Woods ended his long major drought last month at the Masters. Johnson has only one major the 2016 U.S. Open. So how that Koepka isn’t in the same class? This is where Chamblee made a mistake. No one is perfect and his comments were a mistake.

However, the question I have for Chamblee is if Koepka wins this week will he now be in their class? My answer to that is he already is and this put him in his own class. He would have 6 wins and four of those would be majors. Any tour player would love to win one major he would 4 if he wins at Bethpage. He can use his length this week and he is a good putter. Look for him to be right in the thick of things by the week’s end and maybe raising the Wanamaker trophy.

Are Chamblee comments about Koepka clownish? Leave a comment below.
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