Breaking Down A$AP Ferg’s New Single “Pups”

A$AP Mob members Ferg and Rocky entertain our ears with the hard-hitting track Pups. The name of the cut isn’t exactly intimidating, but Ferg and Rocky bring the ruckus in this throwback feeling song.

A$AP Rocky has been one of my favorites in the rap scene for a minute now. While Rocky is guaranteed to bring the bars, Ferg always brings the energy. It’s always nice to hear these two collaborate on a joint. It’s actually a little disappointing they haven’t put a full project together by this point.


The two have always had a Dray and Skoob sort-of feeling between them to me. That feeling has never been more evident than it has been on this latest single. On it, the two exchange lines on each verse in a very Das EFX way, complete with some idiosyncrasies, chemistry and numerous pop culture references all in-tact.

In addition, the single’s cover art also seems to make some call-backs to Das EFX’s debut album Dead Serious. A similar color scheme and placement of the artists on the cover is quite a nostalgic touch. A full-length record between the two of them may not happen any time soon though. They are part of a group bigger than them, and rumor has it their third project is on the way. But they are two of the biggest members of the group so who knows what might happen.

Song Breakdown

The Beat

Produced by Frankie P, the song flips a sample of DMX’s 1998 hit Get at Me Dog. The hook also mirror’s the songs opening lines. The added effects make the already jumpy beat of the original song even more erratic. It’s a nice mix of old and new and adds to the classic throwback quality of the track.


The flow of both Ferg and Rocky is just as erratic as the beat. The two of them were never strangers to experimenting on cuts, especially when it came to flows. They play around with different measures, speeds and even invite a little bit of off-beat rhythm as well with Rocky’s first verse being a highlight of the track for me.


As always, Ferg brings the hype. Rocky returns the energy in spades. ‘Arf’ dog sound effects as ad-libs litter the hook to keep that DMX feeling alive. The hook itself, a call-and-response, is delivered as charismatically off the tongue from Ferg and Rocky as it was from DMX and Sheek Louch. Each verse is a non-stop barrage of intensity in your ears. I’m sure DMX himself would be proud.



A ‘rags to riches’ mentality has always been a staple of the A$AP group and this track is no exception. References to expensive items abound juxtaposed against each rapper’s upbringing and loyalty to their crew is what’s up here. It’s your standard A$AP fair and something that’s always enjoyable especially in short, explosive doses like this.


Right off the bat, Ferg hits you with a warning shot in the first verse, “It’s about to get uglier than Balenciaga’s”. It’s both equally as silly as it is tough sounding which has always been one of my favorite qualities about Ferg. He’s always had a way with making your standard hip-hop tropes sound funny as much as they’re portrayed as being ‘cool’. Lines like ‘Now we f***in’ cuties with booties in Dapper Dan silk pajamas’ is just all kinds of chuckle-worthy and something I can always appreciate about Ferg’s bars.

Rocky continues the silliness with bars like “Back when I was rentin’ beds, I was still catchin’ head”. Every bar in the track is solid and fun with maybe only one dud from Rocky about having sex with your mother that’s at least delivered in a clever manner.

If anything, Rocky and Ferg know who to make a fun, hard-hitting and energetic song that comes through, tears s*** up and then is out in a flash. It’s got just enough uniqueness to stand out from your average fair today while also paying homage to the ones that did it before them. Ferg rarely ever doesn’t deliver heat with his cuts and this one does a good job in garnering some hype for what else is in store on his upcoming EP Concrete Chandeliers.

How do you feel about Pups by A$AP Ferg feat. A$AP Rocky? Leave your comments below!

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