Philadelphia 76ers: What Should the Team Do This Offseason?

After losing Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals on a buzzer-beating shot by Raptors’ forward Kawhi Leonard, it’s time for the Philadelphia 76ers to get ready for a bunch of tough choices that have to be made this offseason. But, what do the Sixers have to do before next year?


1. Trade Ben Simmons

With all the complaints about Simmons not being able to shoot the basketball, it makes sense for Philly to trade him away and find a better scorer/shooter, aka Kemba Walker.

It’s hard to imagine a team willing to give up a big-time player in exchange for Joel Embiid, especially with his health taking a hit once again this past season.

Simmons, the Melbourne, Australia native, averaged about 17 points per game this past season to go along with 7.7 assists.

2. Sign Jimmy Butler

If Philly can bring back Butler on a max contract, they’d be better off for it.

The former Chicago Bull had about 19 points a game in the 12 playoff games the Sixers had this spring and provides a good balance of toughness and defense to go with his offensive outburst.

Philly needs to try to create some flexibility. Getting a well-known player, who can help the franchise long-term needs to be a point of emphasis. I don’t envision Simmons or Embiid being the captain of the Sixers need title run.

3. Replace Brett Brown

Look there are a few other things the Sixers need to do on top of replacing head coach Brett Brown.

The Sixers need to add defenders/shooters to their bench, find a point guard to fill the shoes of Simmons if he’s dealt, at least look at what the Pelicans want in an Anthony Davis trade and figure out how they can help Embiid stay on the court.

However, after getting kicked out of the playoffs in the second round it’s time to look at getting a new head coach.

Brown is a good coach. Although, Philly should talk to several candidates who could potentially get the most out of its roster.

Mark Jackson, Mike Woodson, Lionel Hollins and Juwan Howard come to mind.

I’ll never forget Brown coming to one of the playoff pressers looking disheveled with no tie and the collar of his dress shirt sticking out.

Some folks have pointed to the Sixers blowing leads and errors on the court, which include bad passes and turnovers during the season.

It’s hard to imagine the Philadelphia 76ers fixing all of their problems this offseason. Nevertheless, if they were to get a new coach, ship Simmons out of town and sign Butler, then maybe they’ll be cooking with fire.

How do you feel about the Philadelphia 76ers this offseason? Leave a comment below.

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