Los Angeles Lakers: Is Trading LeBron James the Right Move?

Everyone was confused as to why LeBron James went out west to a team that was far from a contender. People speculated it was for Space Jam 2. Or maybe his son entering high school so he could have better connections for him in LA. Moreso because he signed a four-year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers when in Cleveland and Miami, he signed 1+1 deals.


After being there for a season the Lakers are looking like the most dysfunctional team in the NBA. It started at the beginning of the season with Magic Johnson putting them on a high pedestal, the trade talks affecting young players, their key young players being hurt and essentially not tradeable. Then there was the sexual assault case on Luke Walton who the Lakers either didn’t know or failed to acknowledge. The list goes on.

Now the team has become so bad that they are questioning whether they should trade one of the best NBA players of all-time. Jeanie Buss has shown, so far, that she can’t run a team. Nor is she a good judge of character on who should run basketball of operations when she hired Magic Johnson. The decision to trade LeBron James is good depending on what they get back for him. He’s a valuable asset. However, the Lakers are desperate so teams aren’t necessarily going to be throwing everything they have to get him. They’re wasting LeBron’s prime and he’s in the twilight of his career.

The assets that they were going to trade for Anthony Davis are all hurt now and the Pelicans would be foolish to take anything the Lakers have to offer. They failed to get Paul George however, they could still get Kawhi Leonard if he decides to leave Toronto and rumors are that Kyrie has discussed coming to the Lakers. That’s the only silver lining of keeping LeBron James. If Kawhi, Durant or other key free agents don’t come to LA, I think the talks of trading LeBron should truly be discussed. Because the team will not be any better if they don’t.

What do you think? Are the Los Angeles Lakers a good fit to keep LeBron James? Leave a comment below.

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