Los Angeles Lakers: Frank Vogel Might Be the Right Man to Coach the Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers have a new head coach in Frank Vogel with Jason Kidd coming on board as an assistant. Even though a lot of folks are not optimistic about Vogel coming to LA, there are a few reasons why they should be.

Vogel might be the right man to coach the Lakers because he has been around young talent throughout his coaching career.


Whether it’s Aaron Gordon in Orlando or Paul George in Indiana, Vogel has seen some extremely talented players. Thus, he knows the importance of creating a game plan to get them the ball. Of course, understanding when to give these guys breaks is crucial.

Vogel, much like the Lakers, is searching for a fresh start and a chance to prove why he shouldn’t be counted out.

Many reporters are saying Phil Jackson has been high on Vogel. In saying that there’s some reason to believe he can be the head honcho again.

However, whether or not Vogel can coach on a grand stage like Los Angeles is a different story.

If Vogel can just focus on the fundamentals, get his team more active on the defensive end and become an authoritarian then his time in LA should go well.

Vogel appears to be more of a communicator and has more sense of urgency than former Lakers HC Luke Walton. Therefore, that’s reassuring.

In fact, Vogel took the Pacers to the playoffs five times in six seasons. He also won 21 games in the 2013 and 2014 playoffs.

Vogel has a three-year deal with the Lakers. He can leave his impression on a young group that still has room to grow. That group includes Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram, and Lonzo Ball.

With the Lakers missing the playoffs in the last six seasons, fans of this franchise can’t get picky. They have to accept the decisions that might not be the most popular. Fans need to focus on the grit and the blue-collar mentality that comes with some of these coaching hires, plays and players.

Sometimes it takes new waves of hard work and getting your fingers dirty before you receive that big spotlight.

You can’t rely on past success to carry you out of tough times in the present.

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