MLB: The Top Five Home Run Robberies

Now baseball recently is called boring. In the end, it still has exciting moments. One would be a player hitting for the cycle and on his final at-bat, he speeds around to get a triple. Another would be a perfect game or no-hitter. For the infielders, it might be turning a triple-play. One of the exciting plays a fan would see from an outfielder would a catch that robs an opposing player of a home run. This happens all the time sometimes it helps get out of the inning, saves a game for a team, or helps in a perfect game or no-hitter. Here are my top 5 MLB home run robs.

1. Torii Hunter robs Barry Bonds

This occurred during the 2002 MLB All-Star game. At the time Hunter was playing for the Minnesota Twins. Bonds was at that time considered a villain in baseball. Bonds came up in the first inning and hit a deep drive to center field and Hunter robbed him. The fans at the game erupted when Hunter made the catch.

2. Ken Griffey Jr. robs Jesse Barfield

Griffey Jr. was an outstanding outfielder. He won 10 gold gloves from 1990-99. This catch was one of the great aspects of his speed. Barfield was up for the New York Yankees and hit a drive to center field. Griffey climbed the wall and robbed him. All Barfield could do is walk back to the dugout stunned.

3. Bo Jackson climbs the wall

Jackson is probably the best two style of athlete. If he had not injured his hip playing for the Raiders who knows what he might have done. In this catch, he did what they call a Matrix step. He made very little effort to make this catch. He was just being himself a great athlete.

4. Gary Matthews Jr. robs Mike Lamb

It adds fuel to the fire when a player makes a catch in a division game. This happened when the Houston Astros played the Texas Rangers. Matthews Jr. put the Rangers on his back and made a spectacular catch. Mike Lamb hit a deep drive and thought he had a home run. He thought wrong and it was the final out of the inning so all he did was trough back to the dugout.

5. Curtis Granderson robs Grady Sizemore

Granderson was one of the better defense guys on all the teams he has played for. He was well known for what he did with his glove. While with the Detroit Tigers who were playing division rival Cleveland Indians. Grady Sizemore was at bat. Now, this was not as dramatic as the previous 4 but it a simplicity that made the catch great.

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