MLB: Its Time to Shorten the Season

There have been some recent changes to the MLB. They have limited mound visits, allowed replay, and so on and so forth. What they are trying to accomplish is to bring excitement back to a game that at times has none. Baseball fans know what I am talking about during a pitch there are only 3 active players the pitcher, catcher, and hitter. The rest of the players are getting into position in case the ball comes their way. The season would be quite different if shortened by 42 games.


Think about this the baseball season is the longest at 162 games. That means that season ticket holders can attend 81 home games. At the present moment, attendance is down throughout baseball. I believe that you could get more people to attend games if there were less. This would allow even the casual baseball fan to attend more games. It would help stadium revenue and would allow these venues to hold more events like concerts and shows.

This would also help the players. Think about this is would help the starting pitchers have 8 fewer starts. Those starts could come in the postseason instead of taxing their arms during the regular season. This will also make sure the season ends earlier. That would help that the postseason isn’t played in cold weather months or cities, for example, New York and Philadelphia. Remember baseball is a summer sport!

This is not going to solve all of the problems with baseball. If they think about the change it might bring the fans back. I know that times are changing and many people want to watch sporting events from home. They feel it’s much easier than going to the ballpark. It might be a long shot to make the change because the owners make money all season and cutting the revenue of 42 games might be too taxing on them. If something isn’t done soon baseball will be in big trouble.

Would you cut the season down to 120 games? Leave a comment below.
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