NHL: A Peek Inside the Western Conference Finals

Now with the NHL Eastern Conference Finals set, we now have the final four teams battling for the Stanley Cup. The NHL Western Conference is now finalized. It will be between the San Jose Sharks and St. Louis Blues. Both of these teams have different paths through the season and playoffs. These two teams are going to battle each other. This might be the series to watch out of the two. Here is my preview for the NHL Western Conference Finals between the Sharks and Blues.


St. Louis Blues

The Blues have a rough start to their season. They were hit hard with injuries. The Blues were able to overcome that. They played tough in the middle of the season and earned themselves a playoff spot as 3 teams out Central division. The Blues would get division rival the Winnipeg Jets in round 1. They would get off to a good start winning both games on the road. Then the Blues hit a snag as the Jets would win the next two in St. Louis. But, they would win the next two and dismiss the Jets in 6.

As they entered round 2 they would face the wild-card Dallas Stars. The Stars were playing well after defeating the Nashville Predators in round 1. This series would be a true test for the Blues. The two teams would alternate wins through game 5. The Blues would once again win on the road and head home for game 7. Game 7 was a hard fought game by both teams. It would go to double overtime with the Blues winning 2-1. Now they move on to play the San Jose Sharks for a chance to play for the Stanley Cup.

San Jose Sharks

The San Jose Sharks like the Blues would face a division opponent in round 1. They would face the defending Western Conference champions the Las Vegas Golden Knights. The Knights were the Cinderella team a year ago until the Washington Capitals stole their crystal slipper and the Stanley Cup. The Sharks would win game 1. Then the shoe fell off they would lose the next three and face a 3-1 deficit. They dug down deep and won the next three games to take the series. The Sharks would now have to focus on round 2.

In round 2 they like the Blues would face a wild card team. The Sharks would face the Colorado Avalanche. The Avalanche like the Stars pulled an upset in round 1. They defeated the top seed in the Western Conference the Calgary Flames. The Sharks like the Blues would have to go all 7 games. This would be a series that would alternate wins as well. It would take scoring 3 goals in game 7 for the Sharks to defeat the Avalanche. Now they get the St. Louis Blues.

Who will represent the Western Conference in the Stanley Cup?
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