Dallas Cowboys: Who Is More Important, Dak Prescott Or Ezekiel Elliott?

When you think of the most “important” position in football, most people automatically think of the quarterback. The quarterback is the player that dictates where the offense goes. Some teams have game-changing quarterbacks while others have game managers. A game managing quarterback is a kind the Dallas Cowboys have in Dak Prescott, however, this is a luxury in their case.  But, Prescott is only signed through 2020.

With Amari Cooper, Ezekiel Elliott, and Jason Witten leading the way, this offense is a multiple-threat attack again. If Witten doesn’t pan out, Cooper is a viable option. If Cooper is off his game, Elliott can take the workload.  And, either way, you want to slice it, those decisions are up to the quarterback to make while executing a play.


in terms of leadership and responsibilities, the quarterback is the most important person on the field. With Elliott, Cooper, and Prescott in need of extensions, two questions remain. Who needs an extension first?  Who is the most important?

Assessing The Importance Of Dak Prescott

The Dallas Cowboys have an interesting situation with Dak Prescott. As it stands right now, he is only signed through 2020, as stated previously. With that said, the likes of Russell Wilson and Drew Brees are due new contracts soon. Why is that important to the Prescott extension? Simple. With his ability to make plays with his feet, and arm power, Prescott can be a dual-threat quarterback – when he makes the correct decisions.

With the contracts coming up for the aforementioned Brees and Wilson, Prescott and his camp could use those numbers to his advantage. The Cowboys have a decent quarterback in Prescott, but he really hasn’t had to be game-changing. The offensive side of the ball presents a few interesting challenges for the opposing defense.

Out of nowhere, the likes of Tavon Austin, Michael Gallup, or even someone who is a dark horse could have a great game with Prescott at the helm. With some new names coming on to the team this season, the Cowboys will benefit from having his skills and playmaking ability on the field for years to come.

Prescott is very much an important piece to the success of the Dallas Cowboys. However, being the “most important” is debatable. Prescott is durable, can manage the way the game goes through offensive leadership – but he’s just one piece to the puzzle. And he should be re-signed very soon.

Assessing The Importance Of Ezekiel Elliott

Ezekiel Elliott is yet another person important to the success of the Dallas Cowboys. One thing that seems apparent to fans – when Elliott runs for 100+ yards, the Cowboys often win. He too is due a contract extension. Making an immediate impact as soon as he steps on the field, Zeke very much IS a game-changing player. No matter the down or distance, Elliott can make a challenging situation on the field 100 times easier. If we can be honest, he has also been one of the most consistent.

Through the last three seasons, through legal situations and suspensions, Zeke has only rushed for less than 1,000 yards once in the three years he has suited up in the blue and silver. In fact, he almost matched the numbers from his first season while playing in his third season last year. When you take the numbers from this past season and compare them to the first season he ever played, there is only 197 yards difference.


Zeke adds a different element to the offense. When the Cowboys really want to take control of a game, he is perfectly capable of carrying the workload. In fact, aside from Amari Cooper, Ezekiel Elliott seems to be one of the most dependable players on the team. The best part: the new season hasn’t even started yet.

The situation: Elliott becomes a free agent in 2021.

Final Thoughts

Determining the importance of one player or another just depends on your opinion. The quarterback is usually the man who decides where the offense goes. Depending on the team, this player might have more of a role than another team. It is important to have a durable player in this position. It is important to have a smart player in this position. Without him, without his leadership, the team will not know where to go. He is responsible for the direction of the offense.   For the Dallas Cowboys, there is no more important player than the next. They are all important pieces to the puzzle of success of this franchise.

Who do you feel is more valuable to the Dallas Cowboys? Leave a comment below.

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