New York Knicks Should Stay Away From Kyrie Irving

The pressure is on the New York Knicks to sign a big name free agent, but the team should avoid Kyrie Irving.

Irving has struggled recently in the Boston Celtics second-round series against the Milwaukee Bucks. Despite the Celtics being just a game away from cleaning out their lockers, Boston should not bring back Kyrie Irving.

It seems as if team chemistry has been an issue with Irving playing in Bean Town and being “the man” has become a focal point for the former Duke guard.


There’s no doubting the skill that comes with Irving, but New York has to try to get Zion Williamson or trade their first-round pick if it ends up being in the top two or three.

The Knicks can’t put all their eggs in the Kyrie Irving basket, because there’s a good chance the Los Angeles Clippers or Brooklyn Nets.

New York would be lucky to have big names move to the Big Apple since James Dolan looks clueless and the team has been horrible for years.

Irving can score and finish at the rim. He can knock down the clutch shot. Nonetheless, with the C’s probably wanting to improve their locker room it makes sense to move on.

If the Celtics lose this Bucks series, it would not only be a disappointment. However, it also gives the C’s more of a reason to hope Irving leaves for other pastures.

The Knicks will most likely have a young group next season. Thus, it would be wise to give coachable players to David Fizdale to communicate with.

Would the big stage in New York create more problems with Kyrie Irving and his teammates?

Not sure, but that question has to be a topic in the Knicks front office as they ponder signing him.

The Knicks need to build with young guys and some of the pieces they had last year. We see teams trying to find the best players, but there are times where finding better personalities can pay off.

Should the New York Knicks target Kyrie Irving in the offseason? Leave a comment below.

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