Video Games: Devil May Cry 5 – This Cheese is Delicious!

Finally got my hands on Dante again while playing on Son of Sparda difficulty in Devil May Cry 5.

Dante is the most technical out of all 3 playable characters in this game. He has an almost overwhelming number of options at his disposal. Multiple weapons, different styles and the ability to string all of that together seamlessly.


But screw all that! When you find one thing that works, why not use it? So here’s an incredibly cheesy strategy for you!

Fury is one of the most annoying opponents in the game. He teleports all over the arena and he has pretty fast recovery time. If he catches you with even one of his slicing blows, there’s a good chance the hit stun will set you up for follow-ups.

So don’t get caught.

Trickster is probably my favorite style. I just value the added mobility over most other options other styles give you. It’s a very versatile style as it can be used both offensively and defensively.

The strategy is pretty simple but requires some patience.

Change your style to Trickster and dash around the arena repeatedly. You’ll avoid most if not all of Fury’s attacks this way. His attacks do track you, but if he does manage to make contact, the trickster dash will just make you rebound off him, taking no damage. This maneuver is called ‘Mustang’ in the game, and it’s unlocked it after upgrading the style to level 2. It’s actually surprisingly lenient to mashing.

Fury usually attacks in strings of 3. Wait for him to pop-up and vanish 3 times before making your move.

Chances are you’re a fair distance away from Fury once he’s finished.  Instead of trying to dash up, I used the double Kalina Ann; the two rocket launchers.

Knockdown is very important in this game. Think of it as a fighting game. When you knock your opponent down, you have so much advantage. So use it.

One shot from the Kalina Ann will send Fury rolling, and he’s staying down for a good amount of time. Use that as your opportunity to get a few hits in with no resistance. Fury has no wake-up options either, so don’t be afraid when he rises. He just has an annoying amount of invincibility frames. For a bit more DPS, the Balrog weapon is especially useful here. I just like Dante’s sword for its balance.

Repeat this process until he’s dead and you should be golden!

Check out the video to this article on my blog here!

What are some of your strategies for fighting enemies in Devil May Cry 5? Leave your comments below!

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