Sebastian Janikowski: Five Most Memorable Kicks

One of the best NFL kickers just called it quits. Sebastian Janikowski announced his retirement. He played 18 seasons in the NFL. Janikowski also was a great kicker in college at Florida State. He came out in the 2000 NFL draft. Janikowski played 17 years with the Oakland Raiders and one with the Seattle Seahawks. Here are his top 5 kicks of his career in my opinion.


1. 63-yard field goal against the Denver Broncos

At the time this tied the longest field goal in NFL history. He made it in Denver against the Broncos. It was the end of the first half. The record is just one more yard at 64-yards. This is big for any kicker.

2. 30 field goal during his streak

From 2010-12 he made 30 field goals three years in a row. The last one is in each season was memorable. There has never been another streak. There probably won’t be anyone that has that for three straight years.

3. 56-yard field goal against the Detroit Lions

He made a long field goal against the Lions. Once the Raiders crossed the 50-yard line they were in his range. No team could prepare for what the Raiders had. He loves making long field goals.

4. 70-yard pre-game kick

The same game he made his 63-yard he also had this one. So technically he has the longest ever made. Now I know this one was not during the game, but still. It would have been great to see this during a game.

5. Record for kickers against Tennessee Titans

Janikowski set a record for field goals over 50-yards against the Titans. He made a 52-yard field goal to set the record. There may not be another kicker that will come close to his record. He was known for his long kicks.

Janikowski is a sure-fire Hall of Famer. He made kicks that most kickers will dream of.

Are there any Sebastian Janikowski kicks I missed? Leave a comment below.
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