NFL: Should the League Remove Draft Picks From Teams With Legal Issues?


I think fines, game checks, suspensions, and loss of draft picks are a necessary punishment by the NFL. It is needed when there is negative news off the field by a player to protect the integrity of the game. Certainly, it depends on what the player did, depending on how severe the infraction is. Was the penalty driving under the influence, tax evasion, or something more serious like domestic abuse or murder? To me, it depends on the circumstance. Draft picks should be taken away. Especially if the mistake is grave and there is a serious lack of accountability in the organization. The league’s credibility is at stake.


Tyreek Hill

In the case with Tyreek Hill, just hearing a word of him injuring his young son is very distressing. He should not be playing in the NFL for the foreseeable future in my opinion. He should be figuring out how to start the process of being a good father. It makes me sad to see someone of great talent blow their chance. Sometimes as human beings, lessons must be learned the hard way, no matter how great or small the sin. Guess what? I am a sinner too – I have regrets and moments that I didn’t handle well or want to have back. Only God is perfect, and I am one to believe that forgiveness and over time, we do receive second chances if remorseful.

Kareem Hunt

As a fan of the Cleveland Browns, I cringed at them signing a former teammate of Hill’s in Kareem Hunt. Hunt was in a video that surfaced last year where he physically hit a woman while a member of the Kansas City Chiefs. He will be ineligible to play for the first eight games of the 2019 NFL Season. Quite frankly, I think he deserved it. Although I also didn’t like the derogatory word used by the woman if what was spoken was true. Nonetheless, my prayer is for the victims and their dignity to be fully restored. Thus, for their sakes, I hope Hunt and Hill will repent and learn their lessons. I am guessing that both will and/or have been doing community service. Perhaps their hearts can be cleansed and can be an example to others of what not to do in these situations.

John Dorsey and the NFL

Hunt played high school football in Cleveland so general manager John Dorsey knows him well, just as he knew Hill while with the Chiefs. I do indeed think the commissioner should be talking to Dorsey, the front office in Kansas City, and the other thirty NFL teams in the league regarding players that have baggage. In fact, they need to re-assess the process of how it should be handled. It should not be just for the good of the league, but also to be an example for society because people are watching. The NFL should be a league that is filled with people of good character.

Should NFL teams lose draft picks if a player faces legal trouble? Leave a comment below.

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