Milwaukee Bucks: Is the Boston Celtics Playoff Experience too Much?

The Milwaukee Bucks may have the MVP (Giannis Antetokounmpo) but what their players don’t have, is the experience. The Bucks, having the best NBA record, have looked unstoppable in the regular season. However, They don’t have any players that have been in big games or big series. Giannis being their best player is young so that’s excusable. Nevertheless, his teammates haven’t been deep into the playoffs. In the end, in the playoffs, the experience is key. That is what the Boston Celtics have. Therefore, that can be troublesome for a young one seed.


The only person on the Bucks that has had experience is not a player, but their coach. Coaching is key in the playoffs. People tend to forget that because what the fan sees first and last are the players. They are not privy to the adjustments the coaches make behind the scenes. The Bucks have proven so far this season that’s all you need. Their coach, Mike Budenholzer has turned this Bucks team from the middle of the pack defensively last season, to number one this season.  Coach Bud has been an assistant under Greg Popovich for seventeen years before he became a head coach for the Atlanta Hawks. Although he had a good run there he ultimately couldn’t get it done. Especially with no NBA stars. Now that he has Giannis to work with, will his coaching experience be enough to overcome the Boston Celtics players experience?

The Celtics are the opposite. Brad Stevens came from being a college coach so he is still learning how to handle NBA stars and the playoff runs. Kyrie Irving, the Celtics leader has the deep playoff experience the Celtics need. In the 2018 playoffs, you could argue that the Bucks should have beaten Celtics, all they needed was a better coach. So this Bucks/Celtics series will be a test to see if coaching experience can overcome player experience.

Will the Boston Celtics playoff experience overcome a young Milwaukee Bucks squad? Leave a comment below.

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