Media and celebrity reactions to Jussie Smollett and Donald Trump

The media reaction to the Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax and the Mueller Report was striking. The cast of his former show, Empire, wrote a letter on April 25 stating that Smollett should be back on the show because he is innocent since the charges were dropped. However, many celebrities and media personalities consider Trump guilty when he hasn’t even had charges brought against him!

Perhaps the most egregious statement on the Smollett case came from the blog “Above the Law”. Which is ironic because Smollett proved that he is in fact above the law. Joe Patrice wrote what I believe is a satirical piece. Saying that Trump should apologize to Smollett because when “a law enforcement official declines to go forward with a prosecution, that is the same as an exoneration.” Patrice was equating Trump’s view of his own “exoneration” from the Mueller report to the dropping of Smollett’s charges. Predictably, he ignored the differences between the two cases.

In Smollett’s case, there is plenty of evidence that he is guilty of fabricating a hate crime. There is testimony from the accomplices in the case. There is video evidence they were the perpetrators of the “hate crime”. However, there is no evidence that Donald Trump colluded with Russia. The state prosecutor that dropped the charges, Joe Magats, said he believed Smollett was guilty in an interview with CBS News. He also said, “to read in a belief that we have cleared him, that we have vindicated him or that he is innocent is not accurate”. Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson and liberal Chicago mayor Rahm Emmanuel said dropping the charges against Smollett was a “whitewash of justice”. Chicago Police Communications Officer Anthony Guglielmi said, “innocent individuals don’t forget bond & perform community service in exchange for dropped charges.”

If Trump were guilty of collusion, wouldn’t Mueller have said it? Mueller himself is an anti-Trump establishment Republican that spent millions of tax dollars and 2 years trying to find dirt on Trump in a wide scope investigation. Democrats knew he was a great man for the job and repeatedly have affirmed his report would be beyond reproach until they saw a report they did not like. The fact that he only found a few negative things that aren’t even crimes is remarkable. It is true that Trump is misusing the word exoneration and the report does not state he was exonerated.  Trump is connoting that the word means “not guilty”. I believe Mueller said Trump was not “exonerated” because he disliked Trump and he wanted to cover himself. Mueller probably wasn’t even using the term exactly right and used it in the same way Trump did.

In a tweet, Brian Stelter, whose CNN show is a self-proclaimed bastion of principle and reliability, ridiculously stated in reference to the Smollett incident: “Were you there that night? Smollett’s camp says he was the victim of a hate crime. The police dispute that. There isn’t a video of the alleged attack. Thus, we may never know what really happened”. Stelter’s logic is that no one should make a judgment about the Smollett case. Unless they were personally there to witness it. However, Stelter has been saying Donald Trump is guilty of collusion with Russia based on hearsay for over 2 years!

The moral of the story is that people in the media will lie about anything. Especially to advance their narrative and agenda. As many in the media and other celebrities painstakingly pointed out when the Smollett incident was first reported, Smollett must be believed without question.

However, in the case of Nick Sandmann, the media created a false narrative to vilify a child in front of the entire nation. A child that did nothing wrong. A child that was one of the more mature parties in the incident involving him.

The media has had parties on their programs for two years falsely saying they have evidence of Trump’s collusion with Russia, and it was immediately believed by the media. Of course, with each of these three cases, they also have commentary on them. Talk that has wild extrapolations often implying that Donald Trump and his hateful supporters have created a culture that causes hate crimes.

How as the media dealt with the aftermath of the Mueller Report? Have many “journalists” and pundits apologized?  No. In fact, they are lauding their performance! They are saying they just were reporting what people tell them. Apparently, it is no longer the job of journalists to verify information or cross-examine sources. They simply regurgitate anything that anyone tells them. However, they hand-pick the information they regurgitate to advance their agenda, which is why their bias is clear.

Many of the media hotheads have pivoted. Thus they are saying that the Mueller Report is only implying that Trump was guilty of obstruction of justice. They were also ignoring all the lies about the Russia collusion conspiracy theory they peddled. The media and the liars obstructed the quest for truth. They have and continue to feature on their programs and in their writings. Their agendas obstruct their ability to accurately report to the American people.

Of course, one cannot paint everyone with a broad brush. Sam Sanders of NPR said in response to a question from David Greene, “I think that in the coverage of this [Smollett] story, some of the basic tenets of journalism, David, were just abandoned”. Sanders agreed that some journalists should spend some time soul-searching. Ernest Owens wrote an opinion piece for the liberal website The Daily Beast asking questions that any legitimate journalist should be asking.

Are liberals the only people in the media that lie? No. However, they claim to be the independent sources with no agenda and accuse other sources of media as being not legitimate when they themselves are at least as biased, if not more biased, than alternative sources in the media. That’s the ugliness. If they just admitted what most people already know, it would sit much better with the average person.

How do you feel about how the media has handled these two cases? Leave a comment below.

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