New England Patriots: Five Games to Watch in 2019

The NFL works in funny ways. The New England Patriots who are the defending the Super Bowl champs rank low on difficulty with their schedule. Many people don’t get why they get an easy trip possibly back to their 7 Super Bowl championship. The Patriots were vulnerable last year. They have 12 draft picks in this upcoming draft time to reload. Here are 5 games to watch for the Patriots in 2019.


Week 1 – Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers have a rivalry with the Patriots. In fact most Steelers fans will say they got screw when the Jesse James play was called a touchdown. With Big Ben signing a new deal it will be him against Brady. These games are normally back and forth looking for that again right off the bat. This could be an early preview of the AFC Championship.

Week 8 – Cleveland Browns

With all the moves the Browns made during the offseason this should be a game to watch. The Browns took huge leaps last year just finishing a game under .500 with a tie. Baker Mayfield had a good rookie campaign. Both teams will be tested on all three sides of the ball. This will be a good game to watch.

Week 9 – Baltimore Ravens

Like the Steelers, the Ravens are another team that has seen the Patriots in the playoffs. The Ravens love to run the ball. The Patriots were better a year ago with stopping the run. These two teams all play each other tough. In this series, there have been blowouts and close games.

Week 13 – Houston Texans

The Texans have had some close games with the Patriots in the past. This game late in the season won’t be any different. Deshaun Watson will be looking to try to beat the pats through the air and using his feet. J.J. Watt loves to sack Tom Brady so we will see if he is able to do that. This will be a test for the Patriots late in the season.

Week 14 – Kansas City Chiefs

Come on NFL you’re going to make us wait until week 14 for this game. This is a rematch of the AFC Championship. I personally have this game marked on my calendar because this could likely be the same game later in the year. Of course, that game will mean a lot more but this one could mean playoff seeding. This will again be a classic like it was in 2018.

Do you agree? Did I miss a game that would be worth watching? Leave a comment below.
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