Cleveland Cavaliers: Should Matthew Dellavedova Be Re-Signed?

What are the Cleveland Cavaliers going to do about Matthew Dellavedova? He’s one of the team’s more popular players. Although with a $9.5 million cap hit next season, some might see him as expendable. Indeed, Delly has meant a lot to the Cavs franchise. As a backup PG, is he worth the cost?

If the Cavaliers want to keep Matthew Dellavedova, they’ll have a solid role player that’s known for his scrappy play. He’s one of the league’s more pesky defenders. Still, this doesn’t warrant $9.5 million. Seeing as Delly’s an unrestricted free agent at the end of the 2020 season, the ball is in the Cavs court.


Whether or not there are teams that wish to sign Delly to an offer sheet at the end of the 2020 season isn’t known. What the Cavaliers know is he’s a hot trade commodity. Being an expiring contract, most will want him since he’s off the books for the 2020-21 season.

Cleveland has already let Delly go once. If they keep him this season, they’ll be able to renegotiate a contract at the conclusion of the 2020 season. There’s no chance the Cavs sign Delly to a $9.5 million per year deal again, but, a more favorable deal could be in the cards.

It’s shown the Cavaliers need Delly. He, along with Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson, are the backbone of the team’s veteran leadership. An NBA Champion, Dellavedova isn’t a slouch despite pedestrian numbers. He averaged 5.9 points, 3.8 assists, and 1.6 rebounds during the regular season.

There are better defensive PG’s on the free agent market. Teams should still be actively seeking a player like Delly, who, despite some awful numbers in Milwaukee, revived his career during his 2nd stint with the Cavaliers. It wasn’t just for his on-court play. Dellavedova helped Cavs point guard, Collin Sexton, become an ALL-NBA rookie team member.

There’s nothing sexy about the game of Matthew Dellavedova. He’s good for some big games but isn’t a player to use when the score is close. The Finals series against the Warriors in 2015 was the highlight of his career. It’s highly doubtful Delly has the ability to give that kind of performance again.

It’s because of this season, Dellavedova has such a cult following. He’s got a love affair with the City of Cleveland. In the end, I’m not Koby Altman (Cavaliers General Manager). His job isn’t to report to the Cavs fans. So, just because Delly is a team legend, doesn’t mean Altman and Dan Gilbert will keep him.

Delly will obviously back up the PG. He’s not much of a SG, but can also play the position. There’s some versatility to his game. It’s definitely not worth $9 million per year. He’ll opt-in for 2019-20. Entering the restricted off-season might be tough. However, the Cavs need the leadership and guidance of Matthew Dellavedova. They should be able to sign him to a reasonable contract.

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