Tavien Feaster: Three Possible Places He Could Land

The NCAA transfer portal sees star players and mid-level athletes come into it to find new college homes. This week another star player will be transferring schools to pursue more playing time. Tavien Feaster the 5’11, 220-pound former four-star will be eligible to transfer to another school, receive a scholarship, and play immediately. Feaster backed up Travis Etienne in 2018 and looked to compete for second spring snaps against Lyn-J Dixon. Last season, Tavien Feaster carried the ball 78 times for 440 yards and six touchdowns while battling through injuries. His yards per carry in 2018 was 5.64 and his career yards per carry is second in Clemson history with 5.99. Tavien Feaster looks to transfer to a place where he can start and improve his NFL Draft stock for the 2020 draft. Let’s take a look at three possible places he could land for the next college football season.


Jacksonville State Gamecocks

For running back Tavien Feaster the FCS Division 1 college makes sense for multiple reasons. One reason he could transfer from Clemson to Jacksonville State is Dabo Swinney. The Clemson head coach has a connection to the state of Alabama growing up there, going to the University of Alabama, playing for the Crimson Tide, and coaching there as a wide receivers coach. He helped steer a former Clemson quarterback to the Gamecocks and may help Feaster find a home back in Alabama. That quarterback from Clemson who is now a Gamecock may be another reason Tavien Feaster chooses Jacksonville State.

Zerrick Cooper former Tiger transferred two seasons ago and started every game last year. He led the Gamecocks to an 8-3 record, a Ohio Valley Conference title, and to the FCS playoffs. Also broke records in the stats department for Jacksonville State in 2018. Those positive things in the previous season may recruit Tavien Feaster to join Zerrick Cooper in 2019. If he were to join the Gamecocks he would fit in their offensive scheme and be productive from day one. Tavien Feaster should consider Jacksonville State as a number one option to play for next season.

North Carolina State Wolfpack

Tavien Feaster could choose the North Carolina State Wolfpack because of the offensive scheme, conference, and his chance to be the main guy. The offensive scheme and Feaster fitting there would be a very good landing spot. He would be able to know and learn the offense quickly, plus be very productive for the Wolfpack in 2019. The same conference may be another reason he goes to NC State. He would play a lot of opponents and defenses he already knows, plus play his old team the Clemson Tigers. Feaster could also be the main overall star on the NC State Wolfpack for 2019. If he gets the opportunity and carries, Tavien Feaster could have 1,200 to 1,600 yards with NC State. I personally could see Tavien having 18 to 20 touchdowns rushing as well. The North Carolina State Wolfpack could be a good landing spot for running back Tavien Feaster next season.

Missouri Tigers

If Tavien Feaster chooses the Missouri Tigers, it’s because of his Clemson connection to the quarterback. Kelly Bryant former Clemson Tigers quarterback, transferred this past season and will play this season for the Missouri Tigers. The Clemson connection is there for Bryant and Feaster, that could lure him to Missouri to play for the Tigers in 2019. Tavien Feaster could be very productive if he were to join the Tigers offense and he could help Missouri in the rushing game. Kelly Bryant and Tavien Feaster would be a fantastic 1 plus 2 punch for the Missouri Tigers. Feaster should consider looking at Missouri as a possible destination in 2019.


Each of these three possible landing destinations is a solid option for running back Tavien Feaster. It may come down to Clemson connections or him having the chance to be the main star on a roster, but where ever he chooses he will be great. No matter where Tavien Feaster goes he will be productive and be another weapon on the offense he joins.

Prediction: Jacksonville State Gamecocks

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