Arizona Cardinals: Kliff’s Klubhouse – Kalamity, Kemistry, and Kuarterbacks

It is only April and already there is drama surrounding the Arizona Cardinals. That drama is with more than just the number one overall pick. Last night star corner Patrick Peterson put up some cryptic posts on Instagram. Posts that were not team friendly, sending the fanbase and media into a tizzy. As the day went on, he did not show for voluntary OTAs which made things worse. However, Kool Kat Kliff Kingsbury assured members of the press that Patrick had talked to him about it before and everything was all good. Arizona reporter John Gambadoro reported that it wasn’t anything to do with money or even football in general. Sources hypothesize that something was said to Patrick that ended up setting him off. It’s going to be interesting to see how that unfolds as we get closer to the season.


Let’s go off of the assumption that someone high up in the Cardinals said something to Patrick Peterson. Something that caused him to make the cryptic posts on Instagram and change his bio on Twitter. Sure it hurts the locker room culture. Now there may be an “us vs them” mentality between the players and management.  Which almost always spells disaster. Nonetheless, I think what it hurts most is the free agency and trade markets.

Right now you have a marquee player several times in the past six months uncharacteristically blow up on social media. That’s not a good look for the organization that needs all the help it can luring free agents and trade prospects to come and want to play for the Arizona Cardinals. The last thing you want is one of the faces of the franchise going out and badmouthing possibly the people who sign his checks. Knowing Patrick Peterson, he’s not a diva like a few former Steelers, so what he had to have been told was probably something really bad. The thing that makes me and a lot of other people scratch their heads is, did the Cardinals just say it to him? Why is he the only one outwardly flipping out?

Next, on Kliff’s Klubhouse, the number one pick overall is approaching fast. While media assumes that Kyler Murray will be the new franchise quarterback, reports have surfaced that Kliff Kingsbury actually likes Josh Rosen. Even with Rosen leading the offense in voluntary OTAs and building stronger relationships with the veterans and everyone else on the team, people assume that because Kliff said something last year, he plans to throw away any sort of chemistry, for a draft pick that only “might” workout.

The thing about taking Kyler that maybe Kliff and Keim understand (and maybe they don’t) is that the quarterback is a leader on the team. Rosen has had high standing with all of his teammates. Thus, getting rid of him guarantees a divided locker room. Putting a brand spanking new NFL head coach Kliff Kingsbury in the middle of the mess.

The calamity in this whole situation is there are few media members that look at this from a team perspective and building culture. Bringing in a new head coach is obviously going to change some of the cultures. However, not as much as rapidly pulling away Rosen would.  What all these Kyler Murray rumors really boil down to is, Kliff likes Kyler. That must mean he likes him more than Rosen. Even despite going through the offense with Josh and all the glowing comments he has to say about him. Luckily the draft is almost here so it can finally end and we can look forward to the 2019 season.

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