WWE 205 Live: Push Kushida, Albert Hardie Jr. to the Top of the Ladder

There’s a lot of talent 205 Live can employ from NXT. No one deserves the chance more than Kushida and Albert Hardie Jr (ACH). These two are made for WWE’s cruiserweight division. If any wrestlers are to help push 205 to new heights, it’s these two.

There have been a lot of changes to WWE’s 205 Live. Cedric Alexander, Buddy Murphy, Lio Rush, Ali, all have left the division in the last year. What the cruiserweight brand needs is more star power. No offense to Tony Nese, Lucha House Party, or Akira Tozawa, they can’t transcend the division. This is where Hardie Jr. and Kushida come into play.

One (Kushida) is widely considered one of the best junior heavyweights in New Japan history. The other (Hardie Jr.) has been the indie scenes best high-flyer. Together, they might be the best two cruiserweights the WWE have signed since the onset of the 205 division.

Kushida will definitely spend some time in NXT. He’s got a lot of drawing power. The “Timesplitter” gimmick, which is very reminiscent of Marty McFly in Back to the Future, might be one of the more unique personas the WWE has to offer. Kushida will get a chance to go after the North American title.

Albert Hardie Jr. has been perfecting his craft across the indie world. As ACH, he left fans speechless with his displays of acrobatics and high-flying. Last seen on MLW Fusion and Impact, Hardie Jr. might not have the prestige of Kushida, but he’s gotten himself out there. Expect him to compete on 205 Live sooner rather than later.

The talent pool on 205 Live isn’t as deep as some may think. There are good acts, although, more is needed. They don’t have that monster babyface. Whether you like Nese or not, he’s a transitional champ. Putting a guy like Kushida at the top of the mountain makes sense given his reputation in Japan. The same can be said for Albert Hardie Jr., just as a heel.

We don’t know when these two will debut on 205 Live. They’ll both be 205 bound at some point. Expect Kushida to get one or two takeover matches before his move. Hardie Jr. could go in right now and be a success on 205 Live. There’s definitely a spot waiting for them within the cruiserweight division.

Triple H knows how to book talent. He’s the mastermind behind the NXT and 205 Live brands. Let him get Kushida and Albert Hardie Jr. up to speed and they’ll be major successes in the WWE. 205 Live could use these two. They’ll no doubt make fine cruiserweight champions at some point.

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