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An Enduring Personality

Alex Trebek, the host of Jeopardy!, has been the show’s game host for thirty-five years. As a child, I hummed the tune and my grandmother told me she could hear me from downstairs. I remember playing a video game version of it growing up. In high school, I recall watching it early in the afternoon with my history teacher (He was very good at the game). I think of contestant Ken Jennings, who kept winning day after day. It reminds me of the Progressive ad, in which there is a retro spin-off of a quiz show. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and Progressive’s ad reflects how much people enjoy game shows.

Memorable Moments

I recall a celebrity episode when Keith Olbermann, Robin Roberts, and Bob Costas participated. Costas crushed the competition on that day. Trebek’s show was so popular that sports radio talk show host Dan Patrick used to have a sports version of the show that aired late at night. Watching the contestants writing during the final answer in Final Jeopardy was always amusing. Not all of their writing was legible. Recently, James Holzhauer, who hails from Las Vegas, has been the talk of the town after setting a single day’s record of winnings nearly two weeks ago. He totaled $110,914.

His Legacy

I was saddened to hear of Trebek’s news earlier this year regarding his Stage IV pancreatic cancer and am praying that he will be able to beat the disease. Alex Trebek has that calm, smooth, newscaster delivery, one of many qualities needed to run a show like that. His longevity with Jeopardy and hosting numerous shows is his legacy. He had a sense of the moment. Trebek knew when to be serious and when to laugh. He impacted generations of people in the media industry. His philanthropy is great. He treats everyone with respect, bringing out the best in them. I sense that he is like that off camera. He, Bob Barker, Pat Sajak, and Vanna White are the people I think highly of when I watched game shows in my youth.

How do you feel about the legacy that Alex Trebek has and is leaving? Leave a comment below.

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