Lifestyle: 5 Coachella-Inspired Pieces To Spice Up Your Wardrobe

Coachella is an elitist event. Most of us know that by now.

No matter how many times you refresh the page or how far in advance you log on to the website, your chances of getting a ticket are pretty damn slim if you’re not 1. a celebrity or “influencer,” and 2. wealthy (or just plain irresponsible with your money — tickets start at $500). While us regular folk watch the festivities at home, the D-list and above get to live their best lives under the California sun.

Aside from the music and upper-echelon guest list, Coachella is known for the stylish, sometimes crazy, yet always iconic fashion looks that are pulled together by attendees. The more obscure, the better, and each year the inconspicuous battle for coming up with the best look inspires some of the most popular fashion trends for the year.

While I’m sure we can’t afford exact replicas of the items that celebs and influencers wear, we sure can fake it — elitism be damned.

Take a look at five Coachella-inspired pieces you can use to spice up your wardrobe.

1. Mesh Dress

This look screams Coachella, with its unconventional material and design, but is still understated enough for us regular folk to wear as a stylish party look. If you’re a girly, girl, you can upgrade this style by rocking a dress with glitter or sparkles or simply pair it with some bright or metallic jewelry.

Ballin’ on a budget:

Forever 21, $20

Nasty Gal, $8.95

2. Chaps

Far from an everyday piece, wear these when you feel like being over-the-top. You could be like James Charles and opt for the ass-less variety, but I would suggest going for a more toned-down look. Pair these with shorts to give off a chic, Western vibe.

Ballin’ on a budget:

Fashion Nova, $24.99

3. Chain-link Belt

You’d be surprised how radically different your outfit becomes simply by adding a belt. If you ever want to give your outfit a more fierce look, add a chain-link belt.

Ballin’ on a budget:

AliExpress, $4.43

Urban Outfitters, $19

4. Wide Brim Hat

The beauty of this piece is that you can look like a boho queen while also hiding your bad hair day. A wide brim hat is easily paired with anything and upgrades your look from boring to zesty.

Ballin’ on a budget:

Forever 21, $22.90

5. Neon Biker Shorts (or if you’re feeling adventurous, the complete short-set)

Not only will your ass look stupendous, but you can wear this piece to channel a high-fashion athletic look. Quite versatile — much like the other pieces on our list — you can dress the biker shorts up with thigh-high boots and a jacket to give it a more feminine feel, or pair it with sneakers and a fanny pack to complete the athletic vibe.

Ballin’ on a budget:

Boohoo USA, $10

Fashion Nova, $22.99

Coachella is coming to a close soon, but we’ll have fashion looks to emulate for months to come. Which look is your favorite?

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