The 5 Best Classic Nickelodeon Cartoons

Nickelodeon was a staple of many childhood’s. Nicktoons were the backbone of many weekends. It’s easy to reminisce about the classic cartoons, however, have you ever actually thought about which would be in your Top-5? I’ve done just that, and I’m going to give you the unbiased list from 5th to 1st.

Honorable Mention, Spongebob Squarepants

You can’t have a list without Spongebob. While it wasn’t my favorite Nick Cartoon, this was the most popular. The lovable sponge is a pop culture icon. So while it isn’t in my top-5, it does deserve some mention.


5. Rocket Power 

The extreme sports juggernaut known as Rocket Power. This cartoon came out during the extreme sports craze. In fact, it probably helped out the beginnings of games like Tony Hawk Pro Skater and ushered in a new era of the X-Games. RP was one of the more innovative cartoons. It made every kid in America want to be a surfer or skater.

4. Doug

One of the classic Nicktoons from Nick. Doug was one of the most popular cartoons of all-time. With classic characters such as Doug Funny, Patty Mayonnaise, Skeeter Valentine, Porkchop, and Roger Klotz, everyone saw a character that related to them. It was the perfect coming of age tale that tackled some of growing up’s biggest issues.

3. Hey Arnold

You can’t go wrong with Hey Arnold. Like Doug, there was a character for everyone. This is at the top of the list for some. The show has spawned movies and is still popular to this day. One of the greatest cartoon episodes of all time was on Hey Arnold, Stoop Kid.

2. Rugrats

The adventures of Tommy Pickles. Outside of Linus from Peanuts, Tommy Pickles might be my favorite cartoon character of all-time. He was so ahead of his time. And who can forget Chuckie? The show was so popular it yielded a spin-off called, All Growed Up. And like Hey Arnold, Rugrats produced many movies.

1. Rocko’s Modern Life

No question, this is the most underrated cartoon of all-time. Nobody really seemed to appreciate Rocko. A lot of the show might have gone over the heads of some younger viewers. It wasn’t until I was older and watched some of the episodes again that I began to appreciate it more. One of the all-time greats when it comes to cartoons.

There are many other great Nicktoons I’m leaving out. In fact, one of the best was “Ahh Real Monsters.” A show that literally creeped me out. There was also Angry Beavers and CatDog, two of the more entertaining options. And of course, the aforementioned Spongebob. Nonetheless, the list of favorite Nickelodeon Nicktoons will be different with anyone you ask. However, these are just my personal opinions.

What are some of your favorite Nickelodeon cartoons? Leave a comment below.

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