Oakland Raiders: Mike Mayock to Possibly Overhaul Scouting Dept. But Why?

To catch everyone up, on Friday Ian Rapoport sent a tweet out saying the following: “Sources: #Raiders coach Jon Gruden and GM Mike Mayock sent their scouts home for the weekend and they are not expected to return by draft time. The belief is they don’t know who to trust and wanted to clear the room”. The first part of this is something that every team does. Especially when the Sunday before the draft is Easter.

However, the second part is what raises some eyebrows. The fact the scouts don’t get to come back to work Monday. They have to wait until the day after the draft is completely over with possibly. The one thing that’s interesting about the Raiders with Gruden and Mayock is that these are two former members of the media. They know that scouts are often times the first people to “leak” any sort of information. So, let’s throw our conspiracy caps on for a second.

What is the most recent “leak” surrounding the Raiders? Yesterday, Bleacher Report posted an article about how they were super impressed with Dwayne Haskins,  So this gets leaked and then the report comes out that Mayock and Gruden don’t know who to trust with this? Sounds like there was something confirming that the Raiders indeed will look to draft a quarterback. But which quarterback between Haskins and Murray. Although the Raiders got a solid impression of Haskins, there are more reports linking Gruden to be more crazy about Kyler Murray than Haskins.

The original report that tips that direction was when Kyler visited the Raiders, Jon Gruden kept Murray on the whiteboard for an extra hour and a half assumingly going over offensive concepts. Over his tenure, it has been proven that Gruden is trying to usher in a “new age” in the Raiders. Gruden has done so by acquiring so much draft capital. Along with trading away stars of the former GM in Amari Cooper and Khalil Mack. So what would make Derek Carr any different?

If the day after the report comes out that the Raiders love quarterbacks and Gruden is trying to issue a new age. Could it be they are indeed making or have made a call to the Arizona Cardinals for #1 overall? It may not be as crazy as people think. During the coaches meetings, Arizona Cardinals HC Kliff Kingsbury was teaching some high school coaches. Jon Gruden snuck into the class and asked him straight up if he is taking Kyler Murray number one overall. All of this combined, points directly to the Oakland Raiders drafting Kyler Murray as their “shiny new toy” to showcase in Las Vegas.

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