Arizona Cardinals: The Top Three Reasons They Most Likely Will Not Take Kyler Murray

Less than a week away from what has been called a franchise defining moment for the Arizona Cardinals. That is the 2019 NFL Draft. Personally, it seems more like Steve Keim’s final pitch that he still has a job next season. With the draft coming up there is a lot of talk about why it is a “foregone conclusion” about the Cardinals taking Kyler Murray number one overall. The thing about it is, this is lying season, and no amount of groupthink will speak things into existence.

A lot of sources are scouts, and a lot of times scouts will not know what the team will do until the 120 board is completely finished. This explains why last year even though the foregone conclusion was that the Browns were going to draft Sam Darnold, they ended up with Baker Mayfield, shocking everybody. I’d like to add in that Kyler Murray does look like he has the potential to be a good NFL quarterback. However, there are a few reasons, on the Cardinals end of things, that they should and most likely will not draft him.

1. Division of the locker room

The disclaimer is that, yes “it’s a business” but football is a team sport. It’s not the same as baseball where even though they play as teams it depends mostly on individuals performing whether it be on the plate or on the mound. Culture is one of the singular most important things in any sport to build a championship program. Keim has brought in a new head coach, and people think it is a smart idea to bring in a brand new quarterback literally the year after they drafted one?

Among the many reports this offseason surrounding the Cardinals, there have been reports that the teams veteran corps including star wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, are one hundred percent behind Rosen as a leader on this team. With that in mind what is created if they were to draft Murray. One side of the locker room is excited. Meanwhile, the other instantly disliking and disrespecting their brand new head coach. Not to mention, what will that do to the psyche of players, showing them that no matter what happens the team doesn’t have their back because they bought into “hype”. Hype does not save culture if the player doesn’t end up living up to it.

2. Keim hired Kingsbury for and because of Josh Rosen

Here’s the thing, people change over time. It’s silly to think that because Kliff Kingsbury made a video saying he would take Murray number one overall that he is Nostradamus. Reporters with the Revenge of The Birds blog reported in January that Josh Rosen was actually involved in their head coaching search. Which was also happening before Kyler Murray’s commitment to football. So people assume, that Steve Keim interviewed candidates based on what seemed to be a baseball player at the time? Or on the flip side of things, if there is a quarterback already in place and if you are Kliff Kingsbury coming with no NFL experience, do people honestly believe he had enough bargaining power to say “if you hire me I need Kyler Murray.” Also directly following his hire, the sound bites of Kliff Kingsbury talking about Rosen are at least 25-30 seconds longer than the ones where he talks about Kyler Murray. Kliff and Josh have been going over the offense for an hour and a half a day since voluntary workouts began.                               

3. Love of the game

Last but certainly not least, love of the game, or as Arizona Sports calls it “the baseball question”. The thing is, in Kyler’s defense, turning down all of that money from the Oakland A’s in order to enter the NFL draft, paints a pretty good picture of where he is at, for now. But the thing is if that fallback is there are you really going to get one hundred percent if things go south?

In the “Cardinals Flight Plan” series that the team runs, Steve Keim was talking about the absolute number one thing he looks for in drafting a player is the love of the game. If he is telling the truth in this video, that means if he even has a thought about having to put in a no baseball clause or that Kyler would leave before his contract is up to go and play because things get tough. Thus, the Arizona Cardinals will not draft Kyler Murray number one overall.

The mess in all of this is this, what if they do draft Kyler Murray and Rosen is traded? Rosen becomes a martyr to not just the players, but also the fans. After several polls conducted by, it seems that the Arizona Cardinals fan base wants one of two things. They either want to trade the pick or to draft Nick Bosa, Quinnen Williams, or even Josh Allen. There’s a small faction that wants Kyler but that’s about it overall.

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