It’s Best To Avoid Hellboy If You Can

There have been a lot of terrible films over the last decade. It’s hard to come up with one as bad as the 2019 version of Hellboy. Yes, this is one awful film. It’s going to take a lot to unseat this movie as the worst of the year.

Don’t worry, Hellboy has a ton of blood and gore to earn an R rating. That’s one of the only good things I can say about this. There’s a lack of script, ridiculously horrible attempts at humor, and uninspired acting. Pretty much everything that makes a film bad, this has it.


Starting off with the script, or at least the lack of one. It’s so hard to follow what’s going on in Hellboy. The film doesn’t seem to find its footing. Nothing comes together. While you get somewhat of a conclusion, in the end, there are a lot of holes remaining in the story.

Hellboy takes after the graphic novel of the same name. If that’s the case, you shouldn’t read the graphic novel. While I’m sure there are legions of fans that loved how true it stayed to the novels, a lot of movie-goers (myself included) wished we just got a direct sequel to the first two Hellboy films (It probably would have made a lot more money as well.)

The cast did all they could with the script they were given. The issue is, with the script being so bad, the acting and characters seemed uninspired. Mila Jovovich wasn’t the worst, but the character was just bland. Especially for a so-called demonic villain.

David Harbour did what he could, but he’s no Ron Pearlman. And it’s unfair to compare him to the previous Hellboy actor, but it’s hard not to.

A friend of mine compared Harbour’s performance to that of Jackie Earl Hayley in the Nightmare on Elm Street remake. It’s hard to give JEH his proper credit. The character was good, and while it might be a completely different take than Robert Englund, it’s not possible to love the performance of the character because the script kills all credibility the new Freddy might have. It’s the same effect as Harbour’s take on Hellboy.

One thing the original Hellboy and graphic novels have is great humor. The 2019 remake, not so much. The laughs felt forced. The humor came in at the worst possible times. Scenes that were supposed to have a dark and eerie feel, were toned down because of corny jokes. In no way should the film have been all serious, but, the humor should have been placed in the film in better situations.

It’s really tough to give any positive takes on Hellboy. I’m sure making a third chapter of the original Hellboy films would have been a better idea than this. Not only did the 2019 version fail at the box office, but it also failed with the critics as well. This film is just a complete mess. If you want to find something terrible to watch, give this a try. Don’t pay money to see it in theaters. Wait until Redbox, although, even that might be paying too much.

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