Dallas Cowboys: With DeMarcus Lawrence Signed, Who is next?

The Dallas Cowboys have been very smart in terms of securing players to fill holes this season. Thanks to the emergence of some fresh, new faces, there weren’t many holes for the Cowboys to fill. On defense, the Cowboys saw the emergence of the “wolf hunter” Leighton Vander Esch. In addition, names like Maliek Collins, Jeff Heath, Demarcus Lawrence, and Jaylon Smith also cemented their places on a solid defense. A shockingly good, underrated defense at that. They proved that being an “under the radar” defense might be better than one being “loaded” with big names.  Because of his efforts in the defense that virtually nobody (in Dallas) saw coming, Demarcus Lawrence was rewarded handsomely.


Demarcus Lawrence Receives Franchise Tag And Extension

Lawrence has been yet another shockingly good player on defense.  Ranking sixth on the team, Demarcus Lawrence had 64 total tackles – of which, 42 were solo. To say that he was due a contract extension would be a massive understatement. Since the 2014-15 season, Lawrence has had two seasons under 20 tackles (either solo or assisted).  And, he’s slowly learning how to pursue and pressure the quarterback better.

Need more proof that Lawrence was due an extension? Since 2017, Lawrence has had 25 of his career 34 sacks.

What this means: Lawrence is maturing right before the fans and management’s very eyes. Because he’s focused on football, because he’s slowly elevating his game, a gamble on an extension had to be made.  No single person can be absolutely certain he will play at the pace he did last season.  However, he is and will be a valuable cog in the Dallas Cowboys defensive machine.

With the addition of Christian Covington, Kerry Hyder, Jr., George Iloka, and Robert Quinn, one question remains for the Cowboys: “What’s next?”  There are many options.

Ezekiel Elliott Contract Extension – Next Move?

Ezekiel Elliott set the field of AT&T Stadium ablaze the moment he put on the beloved blue and silver. Elliott has played a whopping 40 games for the Dallas Cowboys. During his rookie season, Elliott chased and almost broke the rushing record set by Eric Dickerson as a rookie.

Averaging just over 108 yards a game, 15 rushing touchdowns, and 1,631 yards, he showed fans that they were in for a treat. Not to mention, he let fans know that he could catch a pass when called upon. As a rookie, Elliott had 363 receiving yards and one receiving touch down. The off-season, however, was a different story.  Then the trouble began as he was accused of some off-field misconduct.


Because of that misconduct, Elliott had to serve a suspension. Even with the suspension, 983 rushing yards, 269 receiving yards, and he managed to haul in touchdowns receiving. In the backup role, Elliott has Darren McFadden and Alfred Morris. But even they couldn’t steal his spot. Elliott would even finish the 2018 season with over 100 receiving yards, and over 1,000 rushing yards (1,434 to be exact), thus proving he is an asset and mainstay in the Cowboys offense.

Is Zeke due an extension?  The list of deserving players doesn’t stop there. Should the Cowboys re-sign Amari Cooper next instead?

Amari Cooper Contract Extension – Next Move?

As a Cowboys fan, the receiving corps was a tough group to watch. Aside from Cole Beasley, there was not much in the way of talent to watch.  That is until Allen Hurns started getting a few more chances. Fans saw Terrance Williams suspended.  Williams had his own issues and ended up in a messy “divorce” with the Cowboys.

Then again, if it wasn’t for him, Amari Cooper would not have been acquired in a trade for rookie Ryan Switzer.

In just nine games with the Cowboys, Cooper had 53 receptions and 725 yards. He averaged 80.6 yards a game, and 13.7 yards per catch with the Cowboys alone. However, Cooper had 1,005 receiving yards over the course of the full season. Cooper brings speed, great hands, and high energy to the Cowboys.


Dak Prescott Contract Extension – Next Move?

Believe it or not, the Dallas Cowboys have been decently successful with Prescott at the helm. Prescott brings a 96.0 career passer rating into this coming season. With a 32-16 record as a starting quarterback, it’s safe to say he’s been successful. However, there is room for improvement.

Prescott is a two-time Pro Bowl selection, but his future is in the hands of a very young quarterback coach. The Cowboys are currently in contract talks with Prescott, who is on the last year of his rookie deal.

With over 3,000 yards passing, a 67.7% completion rate, and suitable receiving corps, it is very possible fans and management sees Prescott thrive this season. But, there are some things he needs to do better. Prescott was sacked a whopping 56 times last season – a sad statistic to see. That brings to mind one question: decision-making. Accuracy is also a concern as well. Passes are usually overthrown or off-target.

But, then again, his sack total.  There are many factors in this: among them are, missing linemen due to injury, possible coaching decisions – that is, not being told to throw the ball away. When determining if this is a good signing, keep in mind a few things: career completion%, (66.1), touchdowns (67), and interceptions (25), and sacks over his career (113). Furthermore, remember that Prescott is the athletic type – he brings 944 career rushing yards and 18 rush touchdowns with him.  If Dak Prescott gets signed next, and he may, Who should follow?

Who do you think the Dallas Cowboys should focus on? Leave a comment below.

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