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Who doesn’t feel some type of way for a celebrity or two? Whether it be through their performances on-screen, their everyday personalities or just how incredibly beautiful they are, everyone has a celebrity crush. This list is going to go over my personal top 5 crushes. Keep in mind that the ladies listed here do more than just look pretty. Each one has a certain appeal that sets them apart from your standard fair to me. Thus, their spots can be easily interchangeable. With all that out-of-the-way, let’s dive right in.


5. Maya Moore

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While certainly not the biggest celebrity on this list, Maya Moore has accomplished a lot. Probably a lot more than a female professional basketball player could ever hope to. Her list of awards is endless. Her basketball skills even affording her a deal with the Jordan Brand of basketballs shoes, the first woman ever to do so. And man, is she smoking hot to boot. There’s just something incredibly natural looking about her. I don’t know how much makeup she wears while on the court, but she barely looks any different on it than when she’s posing for the cover of a magazine, save for a few blemishes here and there. Her run at Connecticut is a big reason I’m into basketball even today. For that, she earns a spot on this list.

4. Aubrey Plaza

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This woman practically won me over as April Ludgate in Parks and Recreation. I always had a thing for apathetic characters. The fact that her character in that show was based on how she is in real life only made me more interested in her. There’s something about her deadpan demeanor juxtaposed against her stunningly cute looks that just does it for me. It also doesn’t hurt that she looks excellent in a pair of specs, which I am heavily attracted to. All that packed into a 5’6” frame is what carves her out a spot on this celebrity list.

3. Tia Mowry

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This is a difficult toss-up between her and her identical sister, Tamera. I went with Tia simply because I’ve followed her career more closely than her sister’s, if only slightly. I remember following her show Tia & Tamera on the Style Network almost religiously. While Tamera was the more reserved sister, Tia was the more rambunctious one. I think that’s what drew me to her more than anything. In the looks department, there’s not much that needs to be said. The lady is a straight knock-out even after having two children. There’s a bubbly glow about her smile that I think speaks to her more outgoing nature. That coupled with her spunky personality is what lands her on this celebrity list.


2. Kat Dennings

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Kat has a look about her that just draws me in. Her dark brown, almost black, hair framing her pale face that only highlights her signature red lipstick is just alluring. Her look is very alternative, but not overly so. It’s not like she can’t pull off a full-on goth look either. She’s done it in works like Big Momma’s House 2 and Suburban Gothic as well. She’s even said she used to be a goth girl, which I’m not surprised by. She has just the right balance of alternativeness and sexiness that helps her stand out from most other stars. That’s something that I can appreciate and what puts her on this celebrity list.

1. Jean Grae

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Jean Grae has a distinct flair about her, both in her personality and her lyrics. If there was ever someone truly deserving of the title ‘What the Game’s Been Missing’ I think the closest candidate is Jean Greasy. The New York emcee captured my heart with her creative lyrics, spastic and in-your-face delivery and incredible looks. On top of that, she’s an unabashed nerd who’s into anything and everything geeky. I think this allows her to pull off any style she wants to rock effortlessly. The oldest on this list at 42, she’s aged wonderfully and her evolving style has come to reflect this in the best way possible. In the rap game, before there was Cardi or Nicki, there was Greasy and that’s what puts her on this celebrity list.

Who are some of your celebrity crushes and why? Leave your comments down below!

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