New England Patriots: The Real Reason So Many Dislike Them

We all know the lore of the New England Patriots. Every year we talk about them as one of, if not the league’s best teams. Constantly there is a dislike for this team. Every year fans of the game root against them because they are on top. However, is it really because they are on top? Alternatively, is it because ownership does not run their favorite team as well as the Patriots?

Take for instance the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They have struggled in the past couple of years in acquiring top free agents and making selections in the draft. Their GM Jason Licht is constantly under the negative light for the moves he makes. I happen to talk with Bucs fans on a weekly basis and hear it straight from them.


Another team is the Washington Redskins. Ever since Dan Snyder bought the team there has been a struggle to win. There have only been five winning seasons (better than .500). Although, for many of the Snyder years they have struggled. This is because of the lack of building from within. Snyder is often known as an owner who wants to make a splash.

A third team you could throw in the mix is the Cleveland Browns. While recently they have seemed to turn it around, for many years they were “cursed” by Art Model. Since their return to the league in 1999, they have only had two winning seasons (2002 and 2007). Their failed attempts at “money ball” and analytics cost them in so many ways.

Meanwhile, in this time span, the New England Patriots have had 18 winning seasons. The Patriots have done it the right way too. They have not gone out and signed big price free agents. The organization has taken care of its own. Most Patriots are lifelong Patriots.

The New England Patriots are a consistent winner because they do it right. They keep their players. The organization keeps coaches, until recently. Finally, they win. Why do they win? They win because of the other two factors. They are a model NFL franchise.

This is why we hate the New England Patriots. Not because they are consistently at the top, but because they do it right when other franchises cannot.

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