Sacramento Kings: Klay Thompson Isn’t A Bad Idea Now That Luke Walton Is Around

With Luke Walton at the helm, the Sacramento Kings are in a position to sign top free agents. Could we see Klay Thompson in Kings purple? Walton has a relationship with Thompson from his coaching stint in Golden State. There’s a strong possibility this crazy idea comes to fruition.

The Kings already have a potent offense. Adding Klay Thompson to an offensive lineup that includes De’Aaron Fox, Buddy Hield, Marvin Bagley, and Harrison Barnes, means danger for other NBA teams. There’s little chance any team outside of Golden State and Houston can keep up with Sacramento in the West (and even they would have a hard time keeping up).

Sacramento would have the firepower to outscore any team. In 2018-19, the Kings ranked 20th in 3-point attempts per game with 29.9. They ranked 18th with 11.3 made per game. However, when it comes to 3-point percentage, Sacramento ranks 4th with a 37.8 success rate.

Klay Thompson and Buddy Hield are good for combining for at least 450 three-pointers. Last season, the two combined for 6.6 made 3’s a game. This ranked them 5th (Hield) and 9th (Thompson) respectively.
Walton stated in his introductory presser that the Kings are going to take 3-pointers. Although, for a Klay/Buddy duo to become reality, some parts will need to move around.

To get Thompson, the Kings would be best suited by trading Bogdan Bogdanovic. While Bogie can still contribute with Sacramento, Klay would take a significant chunk of his playing time. Vlade Divac knows he can get something of significance back for Bogdanovic. Why waste him on the roster if there’s value to another team?

If you were to choose between Thompson and Bogdanovic, there is no real comparison. One is an All-time great NBA shooter, and the other is just a solid role player. Thompson also has a better defensive track record. Why wouldn’t Walton want the better option? Especially one that he’s coached before?

The Kings are Klay Thompson’s ticket to sticking it to his former team. He’d be a thorn in the side of Golden State for the foreseeable future. There are ways Sacramento can still add formidable pieces. In fact, they don’t need a maxed-out center. Also, the backup PG doesn’t need to be signed to a hefty contract.

Why can’t the Kings go ahead and add another 3-point marksman? They’ll just be adding to a stud stable of an offense. Walton will have the team play fast and hitting 3’s. And his connections and coaching philosophy makes it easy to lure Klay Thompson.

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