NBA Playoffs: Golden State Warriors Blow 31 Point Lead, Series Tied 1-1

At halftime, all was well for Dub Nation. The team and fans enjoyed a 23 point lead and everyone already had this game marked off as a win. Even four minutes into the third quarter, the Golden State Warriors were up 31 points. Now, most of the time when Golden State is in this situation, they will get a little lazy with the ball, but they still manage to win the game by plenty. Well, the Los Angeles Clippers had something else in mind.


One big reason the Clippers were able to claw back into this game was the constant foul calls. 20 fouls were called in the third quarter. Not only does this slow the game down, but it also takes the Warriors out of rhythm. Sure the Warriors made them pay by making 40 of 45 at the line. However, they aren’t a parade to the foul line team like the Houston Rockets are.

With the rhythm gone, the Warriors went cold on easy shots and decided to play lazily on defense. Then comes the chihuahua Patrick Beverley once again annoying the Doberman Kevin Durant. There was a two-minute sequence of just these guys going back and forth with whistles blown. It’s probably one of the reasons why Durant didn’t take many shots tonight.

Finally, the Clippers finished the comeback with an all-around team effort in the fourth. Lou Williams played out of his mind in this game and finished with 36 points. Montrezl Harrell handled everything in the key and was able to get a fair amount of lay-ups and one plays. Harrell finished with a double-double of 10 rebounds and 25 points. Then throw in Danilo Gallinari‘s 24 points and that’s that. The Clippers win 135-131.

The Warriors are known for setting good records left and right. This time around the Dubs are now the first team in NBA history to blow a 31 point lead in a playoff game. This is probably the worst loss in the Steve Kerr era. Also, it’s a double loss for the Warriors because DeMarcus Cousins went down with a quad injury early in the first quarter. According to Kerr, he may be out for a while. So, not only do they have to think about this historic loss for a few days, they might not even have the guy they picked up for another championship run play another game this postseason.

The good news is that most of the time the Warriors have a horrid loss, they play A-plus basketball the next game. If Cousins can’t go for a while, then the Dubs will be just fine with Kevon Looney, who had a career-high in game 2 with 19 points in 19 minutes. That’s a small bright spot in this game and something to look forward to as the series moves forward. The Warriors should respond well in Game 3 and they need to not turn the ball over 22 times, play the full 48 minutes, and not let the Clippers get them into foul trouble. If Golden State falls into the same trap again, then the Warriors might get the reverse effect of the We Believe season.

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