Green Bay Packers: Is Now the Time to Draft Aaron Rodgers Replacement?

Aaron Rodgers has been in the league for almost fifteen years. Is it almost time to replace the aging quarterback? Yes, it is almost time to start looking for the person to pass the torch to. However, this draft is not the time to do it. Especially after the offseason drama the Green Bay Packers had to endure. The reports coming out about the tension between Aaron Rodgers and former coach Mike McCarthy.

The slant that a lot of people take with the locker room situation in Green Bay is that it is Rodgers up at the top, and then everyone else is beneath him, including the head coach and offensive coordinator. One could make the argument that drafting someone like Daniel Jones this year could light a fire under Aaron to cause him to perform even better than the HOF caliber numbers he has been putting up since 2005.  But that’s not smart.

This years draft class is not all that deep at quarterback, which is why it’s not the best idea to do it right this minute. The big names this year are Kyler Murray, Dewayne Haskins, Daniel Jones, and Drew Lock.  Which may be available by the time the Packers pick at 12.  But not guaranteed that the Redskins and Dolphins won’t trade up into the top ten to find their “QB of the future”. Not to mention, quarterback is not a position of need for the Packers to sweat about in the first round. So when would be the time to draft his replacement?

If not now, when?

The answer to that question is probably next season. Especially if the Packers end up picking in the top ten. Which is highly likely considering the drop-off in production the team has seen and starting over with a brand new coaching staff. Next year the players they could look at are people like Jake Fromm from Georgia, Tua Tagovailoa from Alabama, and Justin Herbert from Oregon just to name a few. So if the trend continues it would be much smarter to draft someone to help their defense this year, and then, with their high pick next year, take their quarterback of the future as Rodgers gets older and older. The issue with all of this is, Aaron Rodgers ego may get in the way of him being a good mentor for whoever gets brought in.

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