College Football: Three Quarterbacks To Watch This Season

The spotlight shines in college football on quarterbacks. Some quarterbacks more than others, usually the spotlight falls on Power 5 quarterbacks. The Non-Power 5 signal callers and smaller school gunslingers deserve some praise too. Some schools to focus on this college football season are Jacksonville State, Utah State, and Hawaii because they all could have break out seasons. Each of these three teams is led by stellar quarterbacks and all of them could bring the spotlight onto them in 2019. Let’s take a look at three quarterbacks to watch this college football season.


Zerrick Cooper – Jacksonville State

The 2018 season for quarterback Zerrick Cooper had its ups and downs, but it was a great year for him as a full-time starter. The transition for Cooper was pretty smooth coming from Clemson to Jacksonville State. The offense is similar and he was somewhat comfortable with a lot of the concepts. They also run a quick game which he was used to at Clemson. The Gamecocks quarterback started all eleven regular season games and he steered Jacksonville State to an 8-3 record. On top of that, the Gamecocks won a Ohio Valley Conference championship.

Cooper led the league in passing yardage with 3,416, passing efficiency with 147.6, total offense average with 291.3, and touchdown passes with 32. The Jacksonville State quarterback earned first-team All-OVC honors in 2018. After the regular season, Zerrick Cooper helped lead the Gamecocks to a FCS playoff win over East Tennessee State 34-27. They would lose to Maine 55-27 in round two. 2019 looks to be even brighter for quarterback Zerrick Cooper. Another offseason to work with his team and continue to get better. Look for Jacksonville State quarterback Zerrick Cooper to be one of three underrated quarterbacks to break out this season.

Jordan Love – Utah State

One of the biggest surprises in college football for 2018 was the success of the Utah State Aggies. A big reason was quarterback Jordan Love the redshirt sophomore. He led the Aggies to an 11-2 record and a dominant 52-13 victory over North Texas in the New Mexico Bowl. Love finished the year with 3,567 yards, 32 passing touchdowns, and seven rushing touchdowns. He threw four touchdowns in five separate games this past season. If quarterback Jordan Love picks up where he ended the season, the Utah State Aggies may win the Mountain West in 2019. Watch for Jordan Love to lead the Aggies to another big year and be one of three quarterbacks that may have a breakout season.


Cole McDonald – Hawaii

Video game numbers and a burning start to 2018 for Hawaii. The quarterback behind it all was Cole McDonald a former two-star recruit out of high school with his only offer from the Rainbow Warriors. In 2018, about two and a half years later he lit it up leading Hawaii to seven wins. He finished the year with 3,875 yards passing and 36 touchdowns. The hot start would eventually get put out, but McDonald and Hawaii look to improve even more in 2019. Cole McDonald and Hawaii look to avoid injuries this season which halted the 2018 season. They look to win possibly one or two more games than last season and maybe win a bowl game. Look for Cole McDonald to take the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors to even higher heights and be one of three quarterbacks that could break out this year.

These quarterbacks are very underrated and all deserve some spotlight. They all look to have successful seasons if injuries don’t strike. Look for Zerrick Cooper from Jacksonville State, Jordan Love out of Utah State, and Cole McDonald for Hawaii to all be successful quarterbacks this college football season.

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