NBA: Lou Williams For Sixth Man Of The Year Isn’t Even A Debate

You can make a case for someone other than Lou Williams as NBA 6th Man of the Year. Unfortunately, it’s not going to be a strong case. He’s the unquestioned frontrunner for the award. Some call Williams the greatest 6th man of all-time. At least this season, it’s a near certainty he’s crowned the best.

In fact, it’s safe to call Lou Williams the greatest 6th man of all-time. He’s the NBA record holder for points scored by a non-starter. He’s a two-time NBA 6th man of the Year (2014-15, 2017-18). Nonetheless, when he wins the award this season he’ll be the second player (Jamal Crawford) to win the award 3 times.

Williams is, without a doubt, the heart and soul of the Los Angeles Clippers. Without him, there would be no playoffs for the team. The 13-year NBA veteran had the second-best scoring year of his career. He averaged 20 points per game in the regular season (Last season saw his best scoring year with 22.6 points per game.). In addition, Williams also averaged 5.4 assists.

The numbers on Williams season are astounding. Points and assists aside, he’s been very efficient. Williams shot a respectable .425 (The sixth best shooting percentage of his career). This includes a .361 from three (The fourth best three-point percentage of his career.).

The Clippers relied on Lou Williams a lot more this season. His 30.7 usage rate was the highest of his career. It goes without saying that he’s the prime reason the Clippers are in the playoffs. When the team traded Tobias Harris, LAC was left for dead. Again, it was Williams who picked up the slack.

There hasn’t been a Sixth Man in the NBA this year who has had the impact of Lou Williams. You can throw Dwyane Wade, Derrick Rose, Damantas Sabonis, and Jordan Clarkson out there as potential winners, none affected the game more than Williams. It’s not even worth making a case for anyone else.

When Lou Williams career is over, many will regard him as the best 6th man to ever play the game. The 2018-19 season wasn’t even his best statistically and it’s already his best. He’s led the Clippers to the playoffs. That’s singlehandedly his crowning achievement. Thus, with the Clippers looking to add talent in the off-season to bolster the lineup, Williams could be even more dangerous next year.

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