Dollywood: New and Exciting Indoor Attractions Could Be On The Way

Dollywood has been sending out guest surveys to park guests. These have hinted at new rides the park is looking to add. A new coaster isn’t the only thing park attendees want. The Tennessee landmark wants to really offer new and exciting attractions to its guests.

Most enthusiasts really want a hyper coaster at Dollywood. While that might happen, it’s the other myriad of rides and attractions the park is hinting at which has many longtime park visitors jumping for joy. There have been rumors of flying theaters and dark rides going into Dollywood.


If Dollywood lacks one thing, it’s indoor attractions. They’ve got the classic (and outdated), Blazing Fury. Otherwise (unless you count Mystery Mine), the dark ride scene is non-existent. How lovely would it be if a new and exciting indoor ride was built? Some guests might take that over another new coaster.

With Wildwood Grove opening in 2019, Dollywood has a new fun kids area of the park. Dollywood isn’t necessarily a kids park (Although, it’s trying to be). It doesn’t make sense to keep the County Fair portion of the park open. Especially given the amount of business Wildwood Grove will generate. The County Fair area is beaten up. Thus this is the perfect place to build a new dark ride.

County Fair offers a lot of real estate. The best option for Dollywood is to add a flying theater in that space. A lot of these attractions exist, there’s even one opening up in nearby Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Given the parks extensive cash-flow, the budget for a flying theater could be quite high. Dare we say this could be Disney quality?

We can’t assume Dollywood is definitely going to build anything. These are just survey’s given to park guests. However, there’s a big rumor that Dollywood will be getting a hyper coaster in 2020. If that’s the case, a new dark ride won’t happen until at least 2021. Of course, that’s all up in the air. Nobody knows what they’ve got in store.

Dollywood is one of the most scenic parks in America. It attracts visitors from across the world. Adding attractions that aren’t coaster might not seem smart at first (They’ve made their name on roller coasters.). However, a diverse ride collection is key to all theme parks. In fact, Dollywood is assembling a wide variety of attractions for all park guests.

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