NHL Playoffs: A Look Inside the Colorado Avalanche vs Calgary Flames

Just like in the East Conference its playoff time. The Western Conference has always said they are the stronger conference of the two. This year it has had strong teams. Now they are pushing towards the goal of the Stanley Cup. The conference had a huge surprise last year with the first year Las Vegas Golden Knights making it all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals. The series I am going to cover is the between the Colorado Avalanche vs Calgary Flames.



The Colorado Avalanche were the second wild card team. They have had a good season. Last year they came into the playoffs with injuries that cost them the series against the Nashville Predators. This year the Avalanche team will be a better chance at giving the Calgary Flames a series. The Avalanche will be healthier and deeper this year. They will try to shock the world and take it to the Calgary Flames.


The Calgary Flames were the best team in the Western Conference. They had 107 points and only finished behind the Tampa Bay Lightning. Therefore, the Flames are the top seed in the West. Of course, they are trying to end the drought for a Canadian team winning the Stanley Cup. The Flames were in the Stanley Cup finals in 2004 and would lose in 7 games to the Tampa Bay Lightning. They are a formidable team and they need to continue the path they are in to continue towards the Stanley Cup.

This will be a good series. Both teams will test each other. Look for the Flames to come out and try to dominate the Avalanche. On the other hand, the Avalanche will come out and try to beat the top seed. The team that wants it more will move on to the next round. We will have to see how the series plays out.

My Prediction: Flames in 6

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