New York Giants: Inside the Quarterback Room

With the NFL Draft nearing closer, there is a lot of speculation around the New York Giants. Many fans believe this is the time to find the quarterback of the future, but Dave Gettlemen has been a pretty firm backer of Eli Manning thus far. He has even gone to say that they might extend his contract for a couple more years. With this news circulating, Big Blue fans have been outraged.


Josh Rosen

Josh Rosen has been a big name surrounding the organization recently. Many fans believe the Giants should target the 10th overall pick from the prior draft. He had a rough start to his career with a 55% completion percentage, 2278 yards, 11 touchdowns, and 14 interceptions but to his credit, he had the worst offensive line in the NFL. The 6’4 22-year-old is looking to bounce back and potentially on another roster. He will likely cost a 2nd rounder and some more, but the Cardinals will likely be looking for a 1st. The Washington Redskins are a strong favorite right now for his destination, an NFC East rival.


Kyler Murray and Dwayne Haskins are also names that have been linked to the Giants. Both have been the two quarterbacks that have been talked about most and were expected to be the first two off the board. Now though, as rumors are flying and the draft is only two weeks away, Dwayne Haskins may be sliding down draft boards. Names like Daniel Jones and Drew Lock keep appearing around the Giants, more Daniel Jones than Lock. The 6’5 21-year-old QB from Duke University may potentially be the next franchise quarterback in New York. I am not sure how fans are going to receive this, as he has drawn many comparisons to his possible predecessor Eli Manning. Regardless, with the draft approaching fast, there are a lot of questions that need an answer answered around how the Giants want to move forward with their quarterback situation.

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